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    Vanessa K

    Hi All! Doing the research to start my pups on a raw diet! My GSP/Pit Bull mix, Keisel, has had an allergy to chicken since we adopted him as a pup. Has anyone noticed that perhaps chicken allergies are only to the chicken in kibble or all chicken in general? Might be a dumb question? Haha, but I wasn’t sure if fresh/raw might be different than processed.
    Hope that makes sense! Thank you!

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    Some dogs are allergic to only chicken muscle meat, others to chicken bone, others to everything chicken. Try turkey instead.

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    Hi Vanessa,

    It is a very good question. Proteins are changed when heated so it is thought that a dog could react to a cooked/processed protein but not to the same protein raw. On the flip side if exposed to raw only the dog may react to the protein when raw but not cooked.

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    I have a dog who didnt do well with chicken kibble. He is on raw jow & he can have a little chicken.

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    Vanessa K

    Thank you so much for the feedback! I will start him out small for a few days and monitor his skin. Thank you again.

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