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    I fed my poodle the new begging strips with cheese, bought at Wal Mart, since giving the treats to him is has a lot of symptoms of food poisoning, vet is in the process of testing him and the treats, dont know if this is the problem or not, but thought I would post it.
    will update after Vet report.
    I have notified Purina, but no reply yet.

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    I hope your dog is OK.

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    Positive thioughts for your baby. Please post the results.

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    Call Purina on the phone, keep emailing & if necessary, send a registered letter.

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    Nugent came home today, my wallet is $878.65 lighter, mri, kidney, bladder stomach checked and I think they said cleaned thru IV…he may have to go back for a follow up next week,
    He is on a Vet diet for the next 2 weeks, He is not happy

    thanks for all the responses

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    My sister and I feed our dogs from the list of best foods on The Dog Food Advisor site. The week before Christmas her dog Sheba got very sick. She noticed the dog was not as active and her coat was getting dull,before Christmas Sheba had to be hospitalized on IV fluid. After a few days and tests and $1,000.00 later. The dog came home,the vet thought she may not live more than a few weeks. Her blood tests showed a possible cancer with values elevated. She had started giving her dogs the same Begging Strips from Walmart for about 2 months each day since October. So by Christmas the dog was very sick and didn’t think the food was related until she stopped the treats after I told her I think it could be them causing the illness. Her dog is now fine and went back to the vet for a check up and her values are all normal. She is barking, eating, wagging her tail and her shine is back in her coat. I wish treats were reviewed and analyzed for safety. I am afraid to give any store bought treats anymore.

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    I might suggest simply taking your dog off of these treats.
    The producer and the vet may or may not be helpful.

    I gave my #9 toy Poodle Nutro treats. She loved them. Appetite decreased, one time had blood in stools. Vet was concerned about her high liver enzymes, neither of us could figure out what she might have gotten into. Unlike many dogs, she never (in my observation) ate or chewed on odd objects about the yard or street. Took her off of snacks, she was most disappointed. Then her appetite came back. Left her off of Nutro, but, about a year later she was quiet one morning before a vet appointment, died of liver hemorrage in his office.
    Of course it could have been age-related, other problems. But she surely did pick up after a week or so without Nutro sticks.

    Now we have given our 3 year old 11# Cockapoo Milkbones. She loves them. In recent months her appetite has a little off in the morning, occasionally threw up bile. Last week threw up her breakfast egg (we share breakfast). I took her off of Milkbones & looked about the internet for information. Wife thinks I am nuts, but I will never feed a dog of mine Milkbone, Nutro or any other pet food store treat again. Think her appetite is back. Asked Vet today to humor me & check her liver enzymes.

    Have faith in my own observations, at least in this instance.
    Read the ingredients, then fine out what they really are. You would not eat those chemicals & amazing animal parts, why feed them to Dog?.

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    Please don’t give your dogs any of these popular treats. They are all sourced from China and the big companies are slow to recall as are PETSMart etc.

    Buy treats that are made in the USA with USA ingredients and say so on the label or make them yourself. There are lots of recipes for dog treats. Dehydrating meats like liver and venison, elk and buffalo works well too. Pureed first fruits and veggies work well. Watermelon, rind and all is a very good treat and very good for them. Do your research and you find really excellent things for your dogs that give them the nutrition they need as well.

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