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    Hi all, just saw on the HK website that they are introducing a mix that is fruit, grain and potato free…just add meat. Any opinions on this? I’d like to try it for my GSD instead of feeding dry food.

    Also… would LOVE opinions on this after you’re done shaking your heads (haha!) Growing up we had a GSD boy that refused “dog” food since he was a puppy. So, my Mom cooked for him…for 12 years! We didn’t know anything about proper nutrition back then and certainly didn’t know about supplements. So, our King ate a bowl of cooked steak, or chicken or chicken/gizzards until he was 12. He had colitis and all he took was some kind of capsuled medication, 1 a day. That’s all. How would that go over today? 🙂

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    My dogs never had an issue with THK, although I’ve only used Zeal. Their stool was a little larger but that wasn’t an issue for me. I didn’t have any “sticks” issue either. My dogs eat bones, so alfalfa sticks probably wouldn’t have worried me. I could see myself using this in some homemade food in a rotation.

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    I was going to order it but decided not to after reading about the side effects of marjoram, one of the ingredients in the food.

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    One of my dogs does the Preference and loves it but he loves everything. He has IBD, allergies, and is sensitive to bone found in all the frozen raw commercial diets. This brand really works for us. He tried almost all the flavors(before we allergy tested) and he does best with the Preference w/ raw meat or Zeal.

    I think THK is a great food for dogs that are sensitive or picky. But I dont feel like the complete diets are that much better compared to a good kibble….I mean if I had a dog that had no issues,was completely healthy, wasnt picky and I couldn’t afford a balanced homemade I dont think I would give him a commercial dehydrated food w/steamed meats over a good kibble. They are both cooked (yes you save a bit of nutrients).To me the cost doesn’t seem worth it. Saying that I do love the pre-mix with raw meat because it works for my sensitive guy.

    Maybe make your own food like before but get a good balanced recipe!

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