New bag of Iams dry food and my 2 dogs are now throwing up

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    Debra D

    Bought iams large bag of mini chunks last sunday. mixed part of it in, half and half with the purina one lamb and rice i had left, which they had both been eating.

    on wednesday my lab threw up 4 times. on saturday (yesterday) my lab once again threw up right after i fed him as i was taking him outside. then later in the day my cairn terrier threw up, she ended up being sick 4 times yesterday. only gave them a little this morning (they eat at 5 am) to hold them over till i went and bought lamb and rice. i ended up getting berkly and jenson from bjs.

    needless to say i am terrified that this has done harm to them and afraid of feeding them anything. if anyone out there has noticed a problem with iams dry dog food please get in touch with me, this was a 50lb bag.

    i have sent email to iam’s but could not talk with anyone as it was saturday and could not even leave voice message which really is upsetting.
    thanks for listening,

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    A food switch should be slow and graduate over the course of a week or two for best results.
    Maybe the Iams just has an ingredient that Your dogs can’t stomach. All foods mentioned are of lower quality as well. I also wouldn’t suggest switching hard again to the third food. You may see the same issue. Hopefully not. If they like it and do well on it I’d stick with it. It’s the highest quality food you mentioned.

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    Jody M

    We purchased a 50 lb bag of IAMS dog food mini chunk from our local Daytona Beach Sam’s Club March 1, 2919, our dog Cooper has been sick off and on over the last few months but but it had gotten more frequent, the Vet thought maybe Acid Reflux, we never imagined that it would turn out to be the dog food, we have been feeding our Chocolate Labs IAMS chunk for the last 20 years, until they discontinued it early this year. I contacted IAMS customer service last week after I trying to call Sam’s Club and no one answered. IAMS told me it sounds like the bag is spoiled and that we should throw it, and try a different bag, so we tried a 3.3 lb from a local Dollar General he ate it without hesitation for a week without being sick. And then we went ahead and purchased a new bag of IAMS mini chunk dog food thinking it would be ok since
    we had purchased from Sams with no problem prior to the last 2 bag we went ahead and purchased a new 50 lb bag last night(June 28, 2019) and tonight Cooper hesitated eating it at first, but ate it, and then 10 minutes later he was sick again.

    We’re so upset, and now are trying to find a different dog food brand to give him.


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