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    I live about half mile from people who collect animals. They have donkeys, cows, dogs, cats, whatever they feel like at the moment. They had a beautiful red doberman and a very unusual brindle boxer tied out in pitiful conditions. I worked with our local shelter and talked them into letting me find a home for the dobie. SPCA took him in and cured his bad case of heartworms and found him a wonderful home with a local fireman. I could not talk them into letting me take the boxer. That dog spent 9 years tied out with a choker to a dog house. Broke my heart. Earlier this year I saw the daughter and asked how the boxer was doing, actually I asked was it still alive? due to the heartworms in the dobie. She told her father and he called the sheriff who visited me and acted quite confused that he was there because the father had told him I had spoken to his adult daughter and said they do not properly care for their pets! Which I did not say, I was very polite with the daughter, but he must have felt guilty and took it that way. It is so disheartening when you cannot politely push someone toward doing a better job with their animals. It broke my heart to see that darling boxer day in and day out tied in crappy weather. I am sure it has died now, I do not see any life there anymore. They also allow cats to live in a constant state of just alive, running all around, getting hit by cars, thin and runny eyes. They do not care one bit when people stop and ask them to control their cats so they don’t have a wreck in front of their house. I have just trapped and neutered two cats from their place. At first they were wild but now have come around and are sweet as pie! Anyway just wanted to vent about it to people who understood.

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    I’m so thankful I’ve never had to del with people like that and so sorry you have to.

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