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    Ezra H

    Had been feeding Ezra Nature’s Variety Instinct Limited-Ingredient Lamb for several years (chosen after we discovered he is allergic to chicken). The recent formula change has resulted in way fewer (and larger) poops, and he doesn’t seem to like it as much. We add ZiwiPeak lamb to each meal, but we want a dry kibble option as his main food.

    Need suggestions, please, for a highly rated limited-ingredient lamb kibble.

    Thank you!

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    Why does he need lamb?
    Some limited i gredient brands are Canine Caviar, Wellness Simple, Zignature, California Natural grainfree, Canidae pue…

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    Hi Ezra,

    Glad you posted over here. I was just trying to reply to you on the review side, but was having trouble.

    A couple of things…, it’s odd to me that the fish oil supplement your vet recommended used peppermint as a carrier. I can certainly sympathize with your fish woes. You mentioned that your pup also has environmental allergies, but that the fish oil might have made it much worse. While you have things pretty well controlled, I think would I’d try adding fish oil to his food and see what happens. If he reacts, stop and you’ll have your answer about the fish oil. I’ve been using Ovega-3 and Springtime Naturals Skin and Coat Oil. Both are vegeterian and I’d recommend both.

    The change in bowel movements could be the result of the increase in peas. Is he gassy at all? I believe, the other varieties of NVI LID, have a bit less pea protein. I really would encourage you to try one of those. I would also recommend adding a digestive enzyme to his food – I had great luck with Swanson’s BioCore, which works great at digesting carbs. Canine Caviar Lamb and Pearl Millet is fish free as is Canidae Pure Sky, which is a duck based food. Canidae is also a Diamond product if that concerns you. Addiction Viva La Venison is also fish free and uses potato as a binder. As we talked about on the other side, Acana Duck and Bartlett Pear (not Singles) and Lamb and Apple (not Singles) would both be good fish free choices, also.

    I know you said you feed other proteins for treats, but I really think it’s important to rotate proteins in kibble, too. Even though NVI LID Duck is far and away my dogs best food, I’m constantly looking for others to rotate it with. I rotate brands with varying proteins and binders. I’d encourage you to rotate varieties of ZiwiPeak that you use also.

    I think you also said that transitioning him from one food to another food takes a long time. That’s OK, he’ll adjust, the important thing is to keep rotating. If he’s not used to switching, he doesn’t have optional gut health; keep rotating and he’ll improve.

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    Ezra H

    InkedMarie: He likes lamb and has always tolerated it well, so I don’t want to make too many changes.

    DogFoodie: Thanks for finding me here! Thank you for such good input. Interesting that Ezra loves peas! We even use them as a high-value treat (in moderation!). I think we will try the Acana. I had an interesting chat with a Chewy’s rep about the two different Acana lamb and apple offerings (both of which say “singles” somewhere on their labels!). She suggested going with the grain-free, since both ZiwiPeak and the NVI are grain-free. Though I’m tempted, based in part on your input, to go with the non-grain-free. So many options!

    I’d always thought it was important to stick with one protein in a sensitive/allergic dog. So much to learn!!! Thank you!

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    Kristin C

    I think you should stick with one protein per meal if your dog has allergies. Omit one ingredient at a time if you can. I make most of my own food so I guess that’s easy. Raw eggs make my dogs’ eyes run, sweet potato makes them itchy.

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    More proteins = more amino acids! If you don’t get all the amino acids you need from your diet, proteins break down and muscle loss can result.

    The Acana Singles product offerings are limited ingredient foods that contain lentils and chickpeas. If the added peas are problematic in the NVI LID, you might want to steer clear of more legumes. However, if he’s not gassy and the stool, while increased in volume, is still well formed, the legumes might not be a problem for him. Take a look at both varieties. The grain free are called “Singles” and the others are grain inclusive. There is also a Pork and Butternut Squash variety in the Singles line. All are fish free. They use algae meal – thank you! 🙂 They look identical:

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    I’m not suggesting mixing a variety of proteins into one meal. I’m suggesting rotating a variety of proteins and binders over time. I prefer foods with a single source of animal protein.

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    MaryLee D

    I’ve just joined and am not an expert, but Rachael Ray has just come out with a new Nutrish that is called Just 6. It’s a limited ingredient recipe, I am trying my dogs on the lamb meal and brown rice recipe right now.

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