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    My yorkie needs around 166 calories a day. He only eats canned. His 12.5 oz canned has 320 calories so how many ozes or cups should I feed him a day. The dog food calculator says 1.54 cups. I only feed him 1/2cup a day and he’s still over weight. He weighs 7.3 and should weigh 6.8. I feel terrible because he’s only getting 107 calories a day from food. He gets few blueberries plus yogurt and a baked grandma Lucy’s baked pumpkin treat. My question is how much canned food should he get a day to get 166 calories? It is so much easier to figure with kibble because it gives cups on the bag. Maybe I’ll go back to kibble. His blood work this year being on all canned and freezedried was not as good as when on all kibble.Help!!!

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    Looks like your food is 25.76 cal/oz. To get 166 calories, that’s 6.4 oz of that food. If he’s slightly overweight, you could round down, and do 6 oz a day, so 1/4 of the can AM and PM. Also could try a lower fat can. As usual, keep the extras to 20% or less of the diet, and try for lower fat versions of those if you are very concerned about his weight.

    Remember that the calculator is a guideline, but can’t possibly take into account personal dogs metabolism. Liesl actually eats a bit more than recommended, while Dani eats less, because even though she is way more active, she gains weight faster.

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    I just started him on the wellness core weight management canned. It has 318 calories in a can. My vet said for him if he weighs 6 lbs and neutered for obesity he should get 154 calories a day. He weighs 7.3 lbs and I only feed him 4ozs a day and he does not lose weight. I have been feeding the cans suggested for weight loss on here.If I feed him 6ozs a day he will be a little butter ball. He’s hypothyroid but he’s on soloxine and his test results are perfect for his thyroid. I don’t know what to do.I think he’s like me just can’t lose weight.Another question when I give him Dr. Harveys oracle and I want a half cup a day is that measured to eat after the water is added? We walk a mile in morning and evening so he gets 2 miles a day plus playing in backyard but he also sleeps a lot. He’ll be 7 Mar. 22. Thanks for all your help. Between my 8 cats at Subway and my cat at home and Bailey I’m a basket case!

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