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    Our store is discontinuing Merrick cans due to Purina buyout so I’m looking for a replacement thats similar in texture (chunky/soupy with vegetables) and similar price range , between $2-3 a can. Obviously a company with no recalls or made by big food like Purina, Nestle, Proctor Gamble etc, Also, no wellness, holistic select or blue buffalo.


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    My most used canned foods are Tiki and Earthborn

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    I love weruva and Go a Fit by petcurean. I also like fromn. Try them all. That’s why I rotate.

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    Nature’s Variety Instinct makes great canned food, but it is five dollars per can which can get expensive when you’re feeding a larger breed dog. My 60 pound girl will eat half a can once a day to make it stretch with a variety of kibble, raw and ground premixes. Nice quality food though if you can afford it.

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    Natures variety instinct had a recall in July but Oi think it was on raw. I don’t buy anything from companies that’s had a recall. That’s just the way I feel. Too many other foods out there.

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    Lynn J

    Can you tell me what you don’t like about Wellness canned?
    I occasionally feed it and am unaware of any issues with it.

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    I feed a lot of different canned foods. I think wellness has a good dry food but I don’t use their canned often because they use meals in their canned food. While I understand it being used in dry food, I don’t want it in canned food.

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    What about CANIDAE? Love them.

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    Lotus Stews look good. I’ve never looked up the price though.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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