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    Nate D

    I have 2 Dachsunds. Both have had pancreas issues in the past. One has cushings and may have cancer. I have been feeding both of them Hills I/D Low Fat Natural dry food, but want them off of the kibble.
    I have tried The Honest Kitchen Fish, but dont care for the garlic in it. It also seems to be to high in protein for them causing gas and upset stomach even with small amounts. I was hoping to use it because people rant and rave about it for their dogs who have had pancreatitis and/or cancer.

    I have been looking for something else. Either dehydrated, frozen, patties, fresh, etc.. and am having a hard time finding anything low in fat.
    Anyone know of any?

    I know I can do homemade, but have no idea what complete supplements I need. I would however prefer already made.

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    Nate D

    Almost forgot. I need it to be grain free.

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    joanne l

    How are they doing on the kibble? If they are doing okay, then you can try annameat I know it is kibble but I heard it is really good. They have a grain free low fat, but it is high in protein. They have a option 23 which is 23% protein and 10% fat which is good, with grains. Why do you want grain free? Did the vet suggest that? If you change your mind and use kibble you can cook boiled chicken breast and veggies and add some kibble for the nutrients. I don’t know any dehydrated food that is low in fat and protein, but maybe someone with more experience may be able to help you.

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    Nate D

    I actually have one on the Annamaet Lean, but its full of a lot of starches. Lots of peas. I’m trying to go more natural because of the high possibility of one of my dogs having cancer. (has to have a lump removed) I don’t want to feed it with grains or lots of starches.
    I have tried The Honest Kitchen Preference where you add your own protein. I could possibly go back to that. I did find Instinct has some frozen raw food that says only has 8% fat but I emailed them to find out if that’s correct.

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    The Preference might be a good option.
    The leanest proteins you can get are white meat turkey (VERY low fat) and certain kinds of fish. Mixed in with the preference, this might be a good option.
    Also, boil and rinse the meat, don’t fry, bake, etc.

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    Hi Nate,

    Yes Annamaet Lean kibble is VERY high in legumes, high carb diet..

    People recommend to feed a low-protein diet for a dog with pancreatitis. However this is not correct. By decreasing protein in diet then the carbohydrate content increases which is the greatest aggravating factor of pancreatitis in dogs in the first place, or increase the fat, which is no good considering the illness..
    I was feeding Patch a low protein around 25%, low fat diet then realised the carbs were so high & my dog always had his stomach/pancreas pain, whinging crying, wanting me to rub his pancreas area, at least once a week but since he’s been eating “Wellness Core” Large Breed formula, that is high protein around 34%, low/med fat-13% Carbs-30% he’s been doing really well & he has not had 1 whinging episode in 7 months where he wants me to rub his pancreas, then he has to be put on Metronidazole when Pancreas/stomach pain doesn’t go away after 2 days….He can’t take Predisone/steriods..

    **Wellness Core Raw Rev Turkey Dehydrated its low in fat 10%

    ** Wellness Core 100% Turkey- 10% fat
    Here’s the Whole Wellness Core range… click on the Chicken & Turkey formula’s they’re lowest in fat..
    You could fed 1 of their meal the Hills I/d formula & for dinner they have a meal thats higher protein, lower fat & lower carbs, take baby steps & see how your dogs do eating the Higher protein meal, meat protein is easier to digest then a bowl of carbs…

    The Honest Kitchen has a few new formula’s
    HOPE –
    % Protein-25.0
    % Fat-7.2
    % Fiber-6.0
    % Moisture-8.0
    *Per dry cup.
    THK- Kindley – Grain Free Fat is 10% Fiber is 8.5%
    THK- Preference – Grain Free fat-10.5% Fiber -8%
    THK- Verve – Organic Beef- Fat-8.5% Fiber-5.8%
    THK- Zeal – Grain Free- Fat-8.5 fiber 5.8%
    the fiber % is higher in some of the Honest Kitchen formula’s over 6%….

    Here’s The Honest Kitchen range-

    Are you on Face Book here’s the “Canine Pancreatitis Support group” link
    Join group then post a post asking what are people feeding their dogs, I know there’s a few people who feed low fat, premade raw diets, so they may know of a freeze dried/Dehydrated brands you can feed that are low in fat.
    also look in the “files”
    there’s “A recipe for home-cooked food”
    there’s “Pancreas Low Fat dog foods.pdf”

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    Nate D

    Thanks for the information. I’ll check those all out.

    Instinct and Primal Pets both wrote me back and Instinct has some raw formulas at 10%.
    Primal Pets has 3 I could use. Venison and Rabbit are the lowest in fat at just 5% fat. The Turkey & Sardine formula is 7%.
    I like the simple ingredients in them too. I just dont like the cost, but they are low carb as well so I might give them a try. I’ve been using Dr. Jone’s Ultimate Canine Formula as an added supplement so it would actually work well with it.

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    Nate D

    Well I’m going to confirm the Primal Pets. I think the amounts they gave me is as fed not dry matter. So they are probably higher.

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    Julie M

    Natural low fat raw definitely the way to go for you. There are many low fat meat proteins, being in Australia kangaroo is very low fat. Grass fed human grade beef, goat, rabbit, bison in US all should be low fat. And to maintain they ideal weight, I feed 2.5% of my dogs weight per day. There are many natural raw feeding sites with some great information. In Australia we can also buy frozen ready prepared Barf meals which are great for those who are time poor

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    Look at Sojos and Grandma Lucy’s. They both have a couple product lines and pre-mixes so you can add your own lean meats.

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    Nate D

    I actually did contact Sojos and Grandma Lucys and they both told me with dry matter basis they had no low fat options.
    I did however go with Dr Harveys Paradigm. They also have Raw Vibrance that is low in fat.

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