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    lisa G

    About 6 months ago I took my 7lbs shih Tzu mix to the vet for a regular checkup. I have been giving him a homemade dog food recipe I found online but now the vet states that I have to change it because of his blood results came back that he’s high in protein. Do anyone have any recipes or ideas?

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    What did the vet recommend? How old is your dog? How high/abnormal were his protein values? Slight anomalies in lab work are not unusual for senior canines.
    However, regarding homemade:
    I would stop the homemade immediately.

    Maybe prescription food/therapeutic diet for a month or two or three (whatever your vet suggests) then retest?
    If the labs are normal I would then go with something bland, how about Pro Plan Focus for sensitive skin and stomach. Add a little water or plain chicken broth.

    PS: Wait, the labs are from 6 months ago? If so, time to return to the vet.

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    I would look up K9 Nutrition on Facebook. There are a lot of people on there that make homemade diets and use recipes that were created with the help of their vets.

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    Check out It is a site where you can create a balanced homemade diet for your pup for free. They also sell the supplements that ensure it gets all the proper nutrients. The site is maintained by vets that are board certified vet nutritionists. I’ve formulated a few diets for my dogs using ingredients that I usually have at home. I make them a homemade meal once or twice per month. They love it!
    Check it out!

    Or, purchase a commercial diet that is made by a well known company to get your dog healthy. Good luck!

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    Thanks, will check website and diet out!

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