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    Been making this for my dogs for years, slight variations of what is on sale in the veggie dept. Vet fine with it b/c they are super healthy!:
    BIG POT (I freeze 1/2)
    3 lbs ground chicken or turkey or ground pork (or mix)
    2 lbs ground beef (total amount 5 lbs of meat)
    Organic: dried lentils, split peas, brown rice, barley, apples, squash, spinach, kale.
    No salt V-8 juice, tomato paste, organic flaxseed meal, organic virgin coconut oil, cranberries, frozen mixed vegetables, water added as needed but goal is nice thick stew; often add oatmeal if not quite thick enough.When cooling I add a few fish oil pills to pot (same as I take). Served with plain organic yogurt & add powder in caps of pro & prebiotics. Heaviest on the proteins, veggies, & fruits. 2 cups/ 2x’s daily with water added too. CHEAPER than Orijen but use that occasionally- they don’t like it as much. Glucosamine/chondroitin a couple x’s a week, not sure if helpful, mm.
    Both dogs rescue lab/hound etc =pure-bred mutts, both approx 55lb. Both 6yo Therapy dogs & both get TONS of exercise in woods & parks. Raw femur bones a couple of x’s a week & I make my own treats too for when they are working. LOVE MY DOGS!

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    You need to be adding calcium to this. Chewing on femur bones will not get enough calcium into their diets to make up for what this lacks. You also shouldn’t add the fish oil until you are ready to serve it. Fish oil will go bad pretty quickly. Sounds very yummy!

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