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    I have a rescue that has CHF and is on Vetmedin, lasix and enalapril. I also give VetriScience supplement Cardio Strength for dogs and cats. I also have a schnauzer with a murmur but she is only on enalapril. I give her the supplement every other day. I’ve been changing foods and doing research but I need a low sodium food for them. I just bought ProPlan sensitive skin/stomach because I read it was low sodium. I mix that with science diet dental because they like that and the schnauzer’s teeth and breath can get kinda funky. I give them a small amount of canned in the evenings and am using nutro natural choice senior but bought a couple cans of science diet mature turkey because it was on one of the lists I read as low sodium. I really don’t have time or equipment to make their food, so I’m just looking for low sodium suggestions. Thank you in advance for reading.

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    Do you know what percentage of sodium in dog food is normal?

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