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    becky p

    Zach, my 3 1/2 year, 130 pound Lab Mix has high blood pressure. He is very active and not overweight :-). I have been giving him medication to lower his blood pressure for 2 years now. His latest urinalysis had a slightly abnormal specific gravity reading. In 6 months, the vet will retest Zach’s urine. I asked him if there was anything I could do now that would help and he suggested a low sodium diet. He said that most senior dog foods are low sodium.

    Does anyone know how I can tell which dog foods are low in sodium?

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    Kalle S

    The only thing off the top of my head is raw food. Check out Stella & Chewie, primal, Steve’s real food, lotus or instinct frozen foods.

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    Orijen Adult Dry Dog Food

    This protein packed dog food is formulated to best match the natural needs of your dog.

    “The recipe contains well balanced meats, vegetables, and fruits—even deemed fit for human consumption. It is also grain free with limited, specially selected carbohydrates. The Omega 3 fatty acids support a sleek coat and healthy skin. The botanicals were selected by veterinarians to help support the organs, cleanse the body of toxins, and maintain a healthy metabolism. It is also a low sodium dog food with a sodium content listed at 0.3%.”

    “The top listed ingredients include boneless chicken, chicken meal, chicken liver, whole herring, and boneless turkey. Some of the other fruits and vegetables include red lentils, green peas, green lentils, cranberries, and blueberries. Customers who purchase Orijen say it may be a bit expensive, but it does not make any compromises when it comes to the health of pets. Many say it is likely the best low sodium dog food out there and reflects the natural, ancestral diet of their pets”.

    Above is an excerpt from: https://www.munch.zone/best-low-sodium-dog-food/

    Check with your vet, he may suggest a prescription diet.

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    One thing about senior foods some are higher in fiber & lower in fat, as a dog gets older they aren’t as active, cause your dog is young will that be OK?? make sure you read the Guaranteed Analysis & make sure fat is 10% & higher & fiber is around 4%…. Holistic Select Chicken Meal Senior looks pretty good & I seen salt under Sodium Selenite in the ingredients but pass half way, so does that mean there’s less?? also salt will be in some of the ingredients, so your best to find a few kibbles you like even normal adult kibbles & email companies for the Sodium %…..
    Canidae Pure Formulas are also very good so email Canidae & ask for the Sodium % in a few Pure Formulas….

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    becky p

    Thank you for your thoughtful posts. I will do a little more research but will probably buy a small bag of each and let Zach make his choice.

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    Kalle S

    Holistic select looks terrible. First ingredient isn’t even meat but chicken meal and then rice, which is a grain. Surely there’s better options for your dog.

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