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    james M

    I am trying to find a low fat dry dog food that i can use as a basis for feeding my nine year old yellow lab who has had two Pancreatitis events over the past two years. We have reviewed her meds and removed the joint med that could cause issues with her pancreas. We are using Prescription Diet/Digestive Care ID /Low Fat but would like to reduce the cost! In her pm meal along with 1 cup dry, 1 cup can,1 cup water, we add organic sea cucumber (joint), 1/8 cup gmo & BPA free can or frozen fresh pumpkin, 1/8 cup green beans & tbs organic extra virgin olive oil (dry skin). What can we use to replace the Prescription Can & Dry Low fat dog food? Is Blue Buffalo / Blue Life Protection Formula Adult Healthy Weight can / dry a good replacement?

    Thanks in advance for the suggestions,

    Jamie Marquis, Belgrade, Maine

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    a c

    Try Annamaet Lean reduced fat dry dog food. Many dogs with pancreatitis history are using this. It also received 5 stars review from this site. It may also come in cans. I am not sure.

    I also add some vegetables, salmon oil, digestive enzyme, warm water, and little meat/fish from my meal for the day to the kibbles for my 11 years old dogs.

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    My 95lb Spitz/Husky dog lost weight on Wellness core Reduced Fat
    and got down to 75lbs and did great on it. I did add green beans
    to his food so he did feel a little fuller but do not know if it is safe
    for pancreatitis prone dogs

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