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    Leslie R

    Can anyone recommend a food that is significantly lower in carbs? My recently adopted Jack Russell mix was diagnosed with prostate cancer & I want to do what I can for him. Thanks for your help.

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    Hi Leslie,

    I’m sorry I don’t have any advice to offer, but I read your post the THK thread and I just wanted to say that I’m sure your friend is smiling down on you from above as you care for her pup so lovingly and with such care and compassion.

    I also wanted to bump your thread because I know there are others here this evening that can offer their wonderful advice.

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    Hi Leslie

    Would you consider making your Jack a homemade diet? If he has no food allergies or intolerances a homemade diet using chicken, beef, turkey, fish, pork and other meats would be beneficial for your pup. You would use lean meats, 10% fat or less. Lightly cook the meats. Add about 20% non-starchy pureed veggies and fruits. Occasionally add some organs and sardines.

    Supplement with Omega 3 oils, digestive enzymes, probiotics and a vitamin mineral mix like Steve Brown’s See Spot Live Longer Dinner Mixes and you have the basics of an economical, highly nutritious, species appropriate low carb diet that would help your precious pup do the best he can!! Turmeric is an excellent supplement for dogs with cancer. Slight adjustments to the diet with fiber would depend on the needs of your dog.

    This is not that hard to learn and there are plenty of people here to help you along the way! I wish you and your pup the BEST!!!

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    If you are not into making a homemade food (I am not at this moment but may later consider it), you can try commerical raw dog food. Stella & Chewys and Primal are wonderful. Those are what I feed my dog.

    Kibble – Dogswell Live Free has a low glycemic impact becuase they use peas and chickpeas for their starch. Compared to Science Diets W/D (Glucose Management formula) which has 51% carbs, Live Free looks pretty good. Their canned food is supposed to be even lower in carbs.

    I just emailed them to find out their carb & ash content. Below is what they replied with:
    LIVE FREE Puppy Chicken 21%
    LIVE FREE Adult Chicken 23%
    LIVE FREE Senior Chicken 24%
    LIVE FREE Adult Lamb 21%
    LIVE FREE Adult Salmon 22%
    LIVE FREE Adult Turkey 22%

    LiveFree Puppy Chicken 7.8%
    LiveFree Adult Chicken 7.7%
    LiveFree Senior Chicken 8.8%
    LiveFree Adult Lamb 8.7%
    LiveFree Adult Salmon 8.7%
    LiveFree Adult Turkey 9.7%

    Hope this helps!

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    I’d opt for a lightly cooked diet over a raw diet and I’d choose canned over kibble, for a dog with cancer.

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    I agree with Betsy. For a dog with cancer who is not already eating a raw diet and doing well on it I would not want to add the additional bacterial load that comes with raw food. A lot of healthy dogs do very well on a raw diet and this is something worth trying in dogs who are not fighting cancer or other serious illnesses.

    Kibble is highly processed and the way it is made and the ingredients that it uses are the furthest from a NATURAL diet for a canine that you can feed your dog. The fact that kibble is a dry food adds additional stress to a dog’s kidneys and liver.

    If a homemade lightly cooked diet is not an option a high quality low carb canned food would be much more beneficial for all dogs than kibble but especially for a dog dealing with a serious illness.

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    I stand corrected on the raw. However I should have been more specific stating that if you want to go with a kibble LiveFree would be a good one. Not that it is the BEST choice overall but a good one for kibble.

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    Canine Caviar advertises a lot that they are good for canine cancer

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