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    I lost my girl Kimi after 9 1/2 years this december. She was always a healthy dog until she was taken from us by a terrible cancer, hemangiosarcoma. She was a huge part of our family and will be truly missed. I cant wait to meet her again at the rainbow bridge…

    Here are some pictures of her:
    One full grown: http://i747.photobucket.com/albums/xx118/Kimi_forever/kimi2_zps55580db3.png
    And a few growing up:

    If tears could build a stairway,
    and memories a lane.
    I’d walk right up to heaven,
    and bring you home again…

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    I’m so sorry for your loss.

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    Thank you, very much, i truly appreciate it. I miss her everyday, she touched my whole family’s lives. I couldn’t believe what was going on with her, i still cant believe she’s gone. I truly believe if it wasnt for the cancer she would have lived to be 14 or so years old. She was the sweetest girl to all people (but still an akita) and she truly loved children. She loved going on walks and just being a lazy akita. She lived and died for her family, i was just so sorry we couldnt do more for her. It truly broke my heart, i lost a family member and my best friend, and nothing will ever replace her in my heart. She taught me and my family so much. In the end i just view myself as lucky for having her for the time i did, she was a fantastic dog.

    Here is one more picture of her full grown playing with GSD friend:


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    She’s beautiful! I’m very sorry for your loss.

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    Thank you, i really appreciate it. I would always get stopped by people whenever i walked her because they just had to tell me how pretty she was. She made me fall in love with Akita’s forever, i always want to have one after owning her. She had a great akita temperament, and was all i could have ever hoped for with my first dog. she touched everyone’s life she came into contact with, and will never be forgotten. I hope she is truly happy at the rainbow bridge, until we meet again my sweet baby, love you so much!

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    I know your Kimi felt loved just as we feel how much you loved her through your heartfelt words. She no doubt will wait for you at the bridge for as long as it takes because dogs are such loyal companions.

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    I am truly sorry for your loss. I’ve experienced similar with Cavaliers. After having Stella in my life it changed forever. I currently have 3 and will always have one of this breed in my life. Even though this breed comes with health problems inherent in the breed, I still want them in my live because it is better with them in it than not to have one at all, if that makes sense.

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    Thanks again guys for the support. As i’ve said before it really means a lot. And yes Mom2Cavs that totally makes sense to me. dogs really do enrich our lives, i notice it most maybe currently not having one, as i’m sure you would notice it quite a bit if you did not have a cav in your life. Dogs give you so much, i’m just glad i am able to try to give them something back.

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    Geni J

    As someone who is also grieving, I offer you my deepest sympathy. Hemangiosarcoma is a devastating disease. It shows no mercy. I lost my beautiful Labrador /Newfoundland cross only two months ago to this horrible disease. Nothing can prepare you for this diagnosis. He was my best friend and companion. My confidante and child. I will be forever grateful that we shared 11 and a half wonderful years. I am writing down these memories of our adventures together in a journal and it helps. I still cry, but not as much. I am able to smile now when I write stories of some of the silly things he did. I miss him terribly, but I am so glad he was a part of my life. I will love him for as long as I live and I know that someday, somewhere, somehow, we will be together again. Again, I offer my condolences and a virtual hug. I hope it helps.

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    Thank you for the condolences. Yes the disease that took Kimi was devastating and terrible, the worst part was that it came so unexpectedly out of the blue and took her so quickly, within a matter of months from the first signs of it she was gone from my life forever. While nothing will ever replace Kimi in my heart, while she was the most special animal i’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, we have found a way to try and move forward from this experience. In Kimi’s memory we have opened up our hearts and home again to another akita:


    Nothing will ever be the same, but hopefully our new girl will bring us some of joy in our lives that kimi showed us akitas are capable of.

    Again thanks everyone for being so kind..

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    It’s so hard when you lose your favorite pet. Everyone is different too. I have friends that were so sad they had to wait for years to get a new pet. Me, when we lost our previous dog a few years back, our house was so sad and miserable, we just had to fill it with a new pup. Well, we got two new pups. LOL! Yikes, don’t ever get two at one time, BTW. It definitely took our minds off our loss. Did you get your new puppy yet? She’s so cute! What is her name? Best wishes.

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    It is hard when you lose your favorite pet, it was extremely tough for me to swallow the entire time it was happening, it was almost surreal. When we finally figured out that she was not going to be making it out of this, when we had to save her life (but only for a week), i just held my 95lb akita in my arms the next morning for about 8 hours not letting her go, just knowing that the next incident with her would be her last — it was really tough. We also have some family friends who lost their dogs to cancer and havent had the heart to get another one because of how hard the loss was. While like you said for me, it was just important to have an Akita in my life, it makes me think of Kimi and feel closer to her, and makes it feel like she had a big impact on my life (which she did)….With all that said, no i have not gone to get my new puppy yet because i am finishing off exams for the end of the semester. I have put a deposit down on her and the breeder is holding her for me until i leave, which will be tomorrow. I am driving about 13 hours to go pick her up. And thank you i think she is very cute too, and very distinct from our other akita which is something some family members wanted because they didn’t want our new one to be just like our last. The new puppy does not have an official name yet, however all the pups in the litter were given a name from the X-men comic book series by the breeder as a reference before they went to their new homes. Our girl was named “rogue” by them, and we may or may not keep it, we havent decided. It’s between “rogue” and choosing a female japanese name. Our last akita we chose a Japanese name for, Kimi means “she who is without equal” or “empress”. We will either do something similiar in choosing a japanese name or keep rogue.

    Thanks for the good wishes, i can’t wait to bring the new puppy home, it will probably be sometime monday when we are home with her. She will never replace Kimi, nor will she be compared to Kimi (it’s just not fair to anyone to do that), but we just hope she can bring us joy like Kimi did, and i believe she will.

    Thanks again..

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