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    I finally found a dog food that worked for my 4 yr old Aussie–California Natural Kanagroo. My problem is it is now outlawed in California. My vet had originally suggested Kanagroo or rabbit. I am now using Nature’s Variety No-Grain Rabbit but we are starting to show signs again of loose stools which creates having to clean her bottom again with all that fur. :o(

    She cannot eat chicken, beef, fish since this also creates the same if not more problems. I give her yogurt and flax seed meal also which does not cause any problems when it was given with the Kangaroo.

    Any suggests what might work or you’ve tried.

    Thank you!!!! JMP

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    There is a dehydrated food called Grandma Lucy’s that has a goat formula. Many foods come in venison.

    If you’d try ground raw, Hare Today has goat, rabbit, emu & many others.

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    Thanks! I’ve heard of Grandma Lucy’s I will check it out. And then onto the introducing part. And just save the rabbit for treats as she had no problem with rabbit that way before. I thought about venison, but was leary because the internist vet did not recommend that one 3 years ago and I had previously feed that to my first Aussie when I found out she had Cushing’s Disease and then switched to a raw diet

    I was devastated when I found out Chewy’s could not send my order of Kanagroo because I lived in California. I hadn’t heard it had been banned and learned it had previously been banned.

    Thank you again the suggestion!!!


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    Hi cant you have it delivered thru Chewy’s, can you get the California Natural Lamb & Rice with just 4 ingredients a few dogs with IBD do really well on the C.N Lamb & Rice…. look at the ingredients & fat % Protein % & fiber % in the C.N Kangaroo & look for another food with similar ingredients & Fat% Protein % & Fiber % as the C.N Kangaroo has……look at the percent of the one she is eating now, maybe the fiber % protein % or fat % is higher causing the loose stools…
    Also contact California Natural & tell them you can’t get their Kangaroo & see what they say….

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    Thanks Susan! I can have any CN product but the kangaroo delivered in California.

    When I switched her to kangaroo at about a year and a half, it was the first time since we got her at 8 weeks there were no issues other than being sick or she ate something she wasn’t suppose to. The vet never has diagnosed her with IBD but that probably is what she has since there have been times she was given treats that didn’t agree with her and caused bloody stools once. Who knows she is high maintenance!!!! ;o)

    I really like your idea and had not thought to check the percentages on the ingredients, fats, proteins, etc. I had a feeling rabbit was going to be a little too rich because I tried once before when CN had a recall. I am mixing it with brown rice right now which I really don’t like to give her, but it keeps it a milder meal.

    Thanks again!!!

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    Jan C

    My 12 yr old Chow mix has loose, mushy yellow stools. could this be a food allergy? one of his liver enzymes is elevated, but not the other. He has been checked for addison’s disease, negative. his stool has been tested for O and P, I don’t know the results yet, grrr.
    I feed him Nutro senior for large breeds. Any ideas for an alternate food would be appreciated. not sure if I need to eliminate grain, or go low protein?

    Thanks, Jan

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