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    I have been feeding Darwin’s for about 3 months now and my little ones seem healthy, well almost, I will explain more. I want to add something to the raw food to create variety, any ideas, or what do you use. Ok on the almost healthy part, this is not related to the food, but vaccinations I had them get in August. Their immune system broke down, we got fleas. Now we are on probiotics, and dietary enzymes along with the Darwin’s. Much better now flea wise. Just looking for something else to give a little more nutrition, and variety. Thanks

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    I feed Honest Kitchen and Primal raw frozen grinds. I’m looking at trying Darwin’s next. I currently give my dog eggs, cottage cheese, kefir, canned sardines or pink salmon (preferably in water with no salt added), and Tripett canned tripe to help with variety.

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    What vaccinations did they get in August? How old are they?

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    You can also add some plain lean meat, cooked vegetables or fruit. I buy frozen berries and defrost a few twice a week to put in Riley’s food. Also when I make salad for the humans I give him the ends of the cucumbers and carrots and the tomato tops. All summer he’s been stealing tomatoes from my garden and eating them. So who said wolves in the wild won’t eat vegetables?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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