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    wendy s

    I am not sure what to do. I have a 4-5 pound maltipoo who has a liver shunt. She will be 5 in October and she has seizures, more frequently as of recently. The canned food that they vet prescribed did not help so I began making her food but I am not sure it is helping now either. What can I feed her that will keep her healthy and reduce the seizures? I read that I should find a pet nutritionist but not sure how to go about that either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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    If the dog is having 1 or more seizures per month or the seizures are severe, the vet will usually prescribe an anticonvulsant. That should decrease and maybe eliminate the seizures. She will probably need the medication the rest of her life to prevent the suffering and potential brain damage that can result from untreated seizures.
    Food , weather, environmental factors, chemicals, vaccines may be triggers, or not.
    Talk to your vet. I would use a high quality limited ingredient food as a base, such as Zignature.
    But due to the liver shunt your dog may need to stay on a prescription diet. You have two separate medical issues going on.
    On second thought, the seizures may be related to the liver shunt, it needs to be checked. Call your vet.

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