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    Our Coton De Tulear has liver disease and he is only 7. His liver is extremely small and he is going downhill. We started feeding him Science Diet for Liver but it is a poorly rated dog food.
    We also are giving him milk thistle, Xanex for discomfort, lactulose and Ursodiol to unblock the bile ducts.
    Is there no better dog food out there for a dog with a failing liver? We were feeding him an home-made food, but are concerned that there are no supplements that he may need. We also were giving him Fromm Whitefish and Potato but he can no longer handle it.
    Any advice would be helpful. We don’t want to lose him and have heard that liver can be reversed!

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi rileydog22 –

    I’d recommend checking out Rayne Nutrition (raynenutrition.com) or Just Food for Dogs (justfoodfordogs.com) – both companies make high quality prescription foods. Also, if a homemade diet is something you’re interested in but you’re concerned about your dog getting all the nutrients he needs I’d suggest checking out Balance IT (balanceit.com) – it’s a vitamin/mineral supplement for homemade diets and there’s a recipe generator where you can have a recipe formulated based on specific health concerns. Another option would be finding a holistic veterinarian that will formulate a homemade diet for your dog.

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    If you are interested in homemade, have your vet go to Balance It. Your vet can get you a recipe free that is tailored to your dogs specific needs.

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    Please DO NOT feed your dog Rayne Nutrition. I have 4 dogs (pug, chihuahua, daschund and english bulldog) who have been on Rayne Nutrition for nearly 6 months. At first they did very well, however over the past 2 months we have noticed that the food has changed. We feed the same portions all the time and exercise levels have not changed, yet my pug was gaining a lot of weight, the english bulldog started getting bloody diareha, the chihuahua got regular diareah, and the daschund developed crystals in his urine. I got the bloody diareah tested but no parasites, probably irritated bowels/intestines? I changed all their food, but kept the pug on it just to see if it was the food. The pug eventually got bloody diareah and was really ill. Then I tested it one more time and gave the english bulldog one single meal of the Rayne Nutrition and she got bloody diareah and vomitted all night. I know that it’s not improper storage because I thaw as I need the portions.

    I have changed their food to The Honest Kitchen and everyone is back to normal, if not better than normal. Also, the vet says that Rayne Nutrition is not a complete diet and lacks a lot of the necessary nutrients in it. Please please DO NOT feed Rayne Nutrition!!!!!!!!

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