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    Karra L

    I have an 11 year old Lhasa that I believe is suffering from food allergies. She was on Eukenuba Adult dry food until a year ago when she had pancreatitis. She spent the weekend at the vet, and came home with Science Diet Low Fat GI Restore. We use the dry formula. She has terrible allergies, and seems to always have a yeasty ear infection. We have taken her the vet more times than I can count, and he said she has environmental allergies ( we live in Florida), and pretty much told me to try Benedryl. We took her to a specialist and had a consult, the treatment and testing was going to be over 6,000.
    Lately, her mouth area has become swollen and red and has the smell of yeast as well. She has crusty material in her beard that is coming from her swollen mouth area. She is always scratching and licking her paws.
    My gut is telling me that she has a food allergy. I want to switch her food, but am scared since she has had pancreatitis a year ago, and we almost lost her.
    If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it! Thank you in advance!!

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    Hi Karra, my boy eats the Hills I/D Low Fat GI Restore wet BUT I can not feed the Hills I/d Low Fat GI Restore kibble it has Wheat, Barley & Oats, which gives him real itchy skin, I have him on the Vet diet “Eukanuba Intestinal” the fat is only 10% the Eukanuba has corn but it doesn’t seem to affected his skin, the I/D Low fat GI Restore kibble has 7.4% fat you could probably go to 10% fat & under in a kibble, try & find a kibble that is either grainfree & low in fat or a kibble without the Wheat Barley & Oats, maybe rice, I emailed Hills & asked them why is the I/D Low Fat GI Restore wet tin food have different ingredients to the I/d Low Fat GI Restore kibble a man rung me back & said they need to bind the kibble, I said but 3 grains why not just use rice instead of grains that make dogs itch…then he said try the Z/D Ultra kibble but the fat is 13.3% my boy cant have higher then 10% fat…someone might know of low fat kibbles, 10% & under, I know that a lot of senior kibbles are normally around 10% in fat but that’s min 10% fat so you have to email the company & ask what the max % of fat they are, where the vet diets are the max% in fat, Oh have you joined the Dogpancreatitis yahoo group, a few ladies use the “Canine Caviar Special Needs” dog food here’s their site the fat is 9% just slowley introduce the new kibble with the old, I do it over 1-2 weeks, but as soon as u stop the Hills I/d Restore kibble you watch the difference NO MORE SCRATCHING….. http://www.thecaninecaviar.com/product/special-needs/

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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