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    George D

    I have a German Shepherd who inhales regular size kibble. What dog food has larger size kibble?


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    Lora J

    You can get a dish to encourage slower eating. It has a narrow channel to put the food in, to make the dog work a little bit to get it out. Hope this helps!

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    The size of kibble will not change the rate of eating. However, it may be a sign that he’s not getting enough quality protein food, supplements and vitamins per day. Do not buy slow feeder bowls. Eating is not a game and is horribly frustrating for the dog. I don’t think anyone wants their steak dinner hidden in deep crevices. My dogs do not “come running” to the bowl or inhale it. It’s a social activity that’s relaxed and enjoyed, Mommy praising them, and with a satisfied siesta afterwards.

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    Michelle D

    Definitely look for a slow feeder. Outward Hound makes an excellent one that you can get on Amazon. The orange and purple are best as they make it most difficult to get to the food. The green one ends up being too easy after awhile. For a German Shepard, I would recommend the orange one. It’s nice and deep for a German Shepherd (we used one for our large dog.)

    I didn’t put a link here, because I thought it would be poor form. But you can just search at Amazon for Outward Hound Fun Feeder. The large orange one is about ten bucks and will hold plenty of food.

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    Alice M

    The slow feeder is a great idea. I have a German shepherd also and I feed her the Now fresh for large breed. the kibble is a larger size. Hope this helps. I also mix a little canned or raw in with it for more flavor.
    I will also check for the orange feeder.

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    Elise S

    OK let’s throw another wrench into this problem. I have six Mastiffs all very fast eater’s several would eat an entire bag of food if I let them so it’s not a matter of anything they’re lacking in their diet. I have looked for kibble for large and giant breed dogs and only foods that have very small pieces all of my dogs have choked at one point or another swallowing it whole, which also makes concerned with bloat. The only dog food that I have found with actually large pieces about the size of a quarter my dogs eat better because have to chew it into pieces instead of swallowing it whole. Pro plan focus for giant breed dogs. But I’m not very pleased with all of the ingredients, trying to find another giant breed dog food that has larger kibble pieces.
    Oh, slow feeders don’t work real well with Mastiffs or some other giant breed dogs they end up becoming a toy to chew apart. Lol
    Anyone with any suggestions?

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    Tim S

    Farmina’s CHICKEN & POMEGRANATE PUPPY MAXI is a large kibble that has worked well for us. YMMV

    [We hand feed one of our dogs to control his rate of food intake. Crazy, sure. Effective, yes.]

    Per Farmina’s website:

    Complete Dog Food for Large Breed Puppies & All Life Stages.

    Farmina N&D Grain-Free Chicken Recipe for Large Breed Puppies is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.

    Source: http://www.farmina.com/us/dog-food/natural-&-delicious-grain-free-canine/92-grain-free-chicken-recipe–large-breed-puppies.html

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