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    I just got a Great Dane Puppy, he is 10 weeks. I got him last night and my daughter noticed his left front leg shaking and a closer look you could tell it was shaped differently then the other. A little research online and I have found out that is it from a the body growing too fast for the bones to keep up with it. I have read the http://www.greatdanelady.com/articles/knuckling_over.htm and there is good info on the site. I just want to see it the dogfoodadvisor had anything to say about it. Any Recommendations on food and protein/fat/carb ratio. Thanks

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    I had this very same issue last week! Here is my thread on it that had some very good answers.

    First off I found that I was feeding a food that was WAY to high in calcium for a large breed puppy (I have an American Bull Dog). A Great Dane, being a large breed puppy needs a food that has the appropriate calcium levels. I recommend reading Hound Dog Moms thread on Large and Large and Giant Breed Puppy Nutrition ( /forums/topic/large-and-giant-breed-puppy-nutrition/ )

    Here is a link on calcium level appropriate foods for large breed dogs https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BwApI_dhlbnFY183Q0NVRXlidWc . Hound Dog Mom also put this list together. It is in the form of a google document and you have to download it. Don’t be alarmed I promise there are no viruses in it as I have downloaded and looked at it myself. It has helped ALOT.

    I did end up taking my puppy (who was 9 weeks at the time) to the vet and they thought he had shifted his growth plate when they looked at his x-rays. This was on a Friday. They put a splint on him to keep him from damaging it further and sent me to an orthopedic surgeon which I went to on Monday. When the orthopedic surgeon took the splint off to look his leg was normal, there was no sign of knuckling over at all. They took another x-ray and said he was absolutely fine. They said that perhaps the way the x-ray was angled at my vets office it made it look like it had shifted. But I gotta say in the short time he wore that splint I believe it fixed his knuckling over.

    All in all I would suggest a trip to your vets office just to rule out anything being broken or out of place. After all, it’s better to catch these things now when they are fixable than to wait and have your puppies leg permanently damaged.

    Hope I helped and I hope your puppies leg gets better! Keep us posted!

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    I totally agree with the above thread. Being in India we do not have much medical assistance for pups with knuckling over. If they gain weight all of a sudden you this problem . Here is what we did with our pup last week.My heart bled as he was knuckling and unable to walk literally. He is a large breed Indian royal breed called Rajapalayam. We did a casting at home using a toilet roll card board . He was first wrapped in cotton and then the cardboard roll which was slit on one side was put with the cut portion facing inwards and bandaged him and wound with a paper tape to give more strength. He is absolutely normal since Sunday. We have decided to keep him again on cast for three more days to give him more strength.. Trust me catch him young. I am attaching the link to see how he was and how he is running around with the cast.


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    i am sorry i thought it was latest thread.. didnt see 2013

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