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    Greetings, my 14-year-old dog has recently been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease. The vets have suggested a prescription renal diet but I am reluctant to put him on any prescription diets, not only due to the poor ingredients but because he did very poorly on one in the past. He has allergies to chicken and the biggest roadblock that I am having is that he has allergies to all grains. This includes rice, pasta, oats, barley, quinoa, yeast, tapioca, couscous, wheat germ. Many of the recipes out there call for some form of grains for the carbs.

    I live in Canada and picked up a book from my vet called Hilary’s Renal Diet Cookbook. The recipes are to be used with the supplements to make for a complete diet. Unfortunately, there is only one recipe out of the entire book that will accommodate his allergies. I have communicated with the author of the book and was told that I cannot make substitutions in the recipes with the carbs and proteins. I live in Canada and unfortunately, we just do not have the resources here like in the States where there is a multitude of companies who have high-quality, K9 KD products.

    Just wondering if any forum users have any of the same obstacles I’m facing and any suggestions on where to find something that I can feed my dog outside of pork and potatoes.

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