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    Mary O

    Hi guys, after trying different types of raw meat products I was guided by my dogs when I purchased meat from the butchers, they much preferred it and seem to be doing better on it, I did not like the quality of any of the pre-packed products I purchased, and my eldest dog turned his nose up at it so that tells me something. I now buy a beef mix from my butcher (no bone of anything else) for a good price and I add in some turkey of chicken. I also feed steamed veg with this. My question is, is this enough or should I be buying something with bone in it as my smallest one seems to be suffering constipation? I am afraid that I am missing some nutrients. I do also add some coconut oil once a day.

    Thanks, Mary

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    NO! Hope this helps.
    Excerpt below, click on link for complete article as well as others on the subject and comments.

    “Proponents of raw diets will certainly argue that the risk is small compared to the benefits. Unfortunately, no scientific evidence yet exists to show any benefits, and personal anecdotes or theories about the natural history of dogs are not sufficient reason to ignore the robust scientific evidence of the harm that raw diets can cause. Unless some reliable research evidence emerges to show meaningful health benefits from raw feeding, there is no good reason for pet owners to participate in this dangerous fad.”

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    The raw ratio to follow is 80/10/5/5. 80% muscle meat, 10% soft bone, 5% liver, 5% other secretory organ. Just cooking up some meat and veggies is completely unbalanced. If you have questions about leaving organs and bones out consult with a veterinarian nutritionalist. They can make proper recipes for you.

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    Spy Car

    To expand on what Haley said (which is well said) the reasons for the proportions she gave s because they provide a dog with optimal nutrition and it avoids mineral deficiencies and imbalances.

    One of the critical issues in canine nutrition is hitting near the target ratio of 1.2 : 1 for calcium : phosphorus.

    Feeding soft edible bone at 10% (with an 80 meat meal) ensures one is in the proper target range.

    The organs are powerhouse supplies for other vitamins and minerals. Regular feeding at 10% (5%/5%) is nutritionally necessary.

    Otherwise, (as Haley said) you’d need to balance the meals with calcium and vitamin supplementation. Not a solution I’d choose unless I had no alternative.

    Just feeding meat alone would eventually lead to nutritional imbalances and health problems.

    I’d cut the veggies. They are a negative in a balanced canine diet.


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    Hi Mary,
    Dogs diet should be balanced, it doesn’t have to be perfectly balanced, start buying tin/can Salmon, tin/can Sardines in Spring water look for the brands with the lowest Sodium/salt %, in the tin Salmon you’ll see bones leave them they just crush up mix thru, start adding 2 spoons of the salmon per meal, veggies & fruit must be peeled, de seed, cut up the veggies/fruit then put thru a blender & blend till they’re nilly a pulp, then I was adding 1 spoon of the veggie/fruit mix to ice cube trays then cover with cling wrap & freeze. Add 2 spoons/cubs per meal, just thaw the veggies/fruit ice cube take out night before put in fridge for next day, buy Omega 3,6,9 oil add 2 squirts per meal for their Omega fatty acids.

    Join a few raw feeding face Book groups, what country do you live? in Australia we have Supplements called
    “Natural Animal Solutions (NAS) Digestavite Plus Powder” Omega 3,6,9, oil, I was adding 1 teaspoon NAS Digestavite powder + Omega oil only need 1 add to 1 of Patches daily meals to balance his diet cause he cant eat bone or organ meat causes diarrhea.. He has IBD..
    Your dogs especially the older dog needs Omega 3 in diet, Glucosamine & Chondroitin for joints & bones..

    Follow Dr Judy Morgan DVM on her face book page

    Judy has very easy to make balanced raw & cooked diets,
    Here’s a few videos just scroll down, her pup loaf is easy to make.. Judy sell supplements look up top “Shop”
    Judy has a new book called “Ying & Yang” Nutrition for dogs.

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    Mary O

    Thanks guys yes will have to rethink the diet, Mary

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