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    I’ve already lost one dog to undiagnosed IBD, and now I’ve got another one with the same symptoms. I’ve changed her kibble several times, trying to find the “trigger” food. I’m going to start her on Forti Flora & digestive enzymes, but that’s just treating the symptoms. I’d like to find the cause! Grain-free isn’t helping her, but I still keep trying them. She’s positioning and straining a lot, so I’m not too keen on going real high on her protein. However, her treats are now limited to just plain turkey (dark) which is cooked. Anyone gone through this before?

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    HI Ramona-

    Sorry to hear you and your pooch are going through this. My dobergal has the same issues, and like yours, grain free did not make a lick of difference. I tried foods from “low level” up to home cooked, raw, grain free, grain inclusive, commercial raw etc etc. We would find a food, she would do well on it for a few months, and then suddenly, back to the same issues. For mine, probiotics and enzymes did not work, but for others they do. Unfortunately, its hit or miss. Recently, I put her on Abady granular, with their canned, and now a touch of dry(dave’s for sensitive stomachs) and so far so good. I think the dry causes more of an issue than the granular or canned however and may cut that out all together.

    A quick fix to rest her digestive tract may be to have your vet prescribe metronidazole or tylan powder-tylan can be used long term, not the metronidazole.

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    Hi Ramona, most pesticides, worming Meds and vaccinations can case IBD. Some of the listed side effects are stopping gut motility, Causing swelling and constriction of gastric tissues…. Thats pretty much IBD, wether they call it that or not. It can take 3 years to completely eliminate those toxins from the system, so changing to a grain free diet may not appear to make an immediate difference. Especially if the dog is on a constant schedule of rotating toxins. Just something to consider.

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    Ramona, one of my boys has IBD resulting from severe food allergies as it took over a year to figure out everything he was allergic to. One of the things I eliminated was grain but it took us forever to figure out he was also Gluten intolerant and just because its grain free doesn’t mean it’s gluten free. I’m sure you’re already doing a single protein very limited diet (treats included) but I also found that the Vetri-Science BD supplement helped during the flareups. I make all my dog treats with Buckwheat flour and he getscgets coconut oil added to his food daily. I hope you can find something that works for you soon.

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