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    Maureen L

    I have a 6 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that has been diagnosed with Pancreatitis
    (which seems to have cleared up temporarily right now) and IBD. He is currently on Science Diet W/D low fat, high fiber. I would very much like to get him on another food
    but not upset his stomach. I will consider cooking food if I have to. Any suggestions.
    Thanks – Dee39

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    Hi Maureen, here’s a list of low fat dog foods. I would pick a canned formula. /best-dog-foods/suggested-low-fat-dog-food/

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    Hi Maureen, My boy has Pancreatitis & IBD, I noticed when I gave my boy a kibble that was higher in protein he got his pain back, I tried the Holistic Select Senior Chicken Meal & Rice the fat was min-10% on bag, I emailed Holistic Select & max Fat was 11.98% the protein was 26%, I thought good higher protein then his Eukanuba Intestinal vet prescription diet which is 23% protein fat-10% that he was put on but I dont know if it was the fat% being 11.98% or the higher protein at 26% but he started his whinging again & had his pain, so now Im tryng the Wellness Simple “Duck & Oatmeal” fat% is min-11% on the bag & max fat is 11.98% the protein is lower at 19% but he seems better on the Wellness Simple…Duck & Oatmeal, Im mixing the Simple with his Eukanuba Intestinal .when looking for a new kibble try to match the Fat % & the protein% & fiber%..the Wellness simple has their Healthy Weight Salmon & Peas Grain free the fat % min 8% the protein is 26% fiber is 6%, the fiber is a bit to high for my Patch, maybe this will be similer to the Hills W/D diet & its grain free.. he’s a link if u want to compare things you might see another flavour that is closer to his Hills W/D diet, & slowly so slowly start just adding a bit of the new kibble with his old kibble..Ive taking 2 weeks & Im still just adding 1/4cup & using the Wellnes Simple duck kibbles as treats.. having the IBD on top does not help. http://www.wellnesspetfood.com/categories.aspx?pet=dog&cat=3

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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