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    Mac L

    Hi All – I have a Labrador retriever with hypothyroidism. She has been taking Armour Thyroid (a pretty hefty dose of about 500 mg/day) and her thyroid tests are just barely putting her into the “normal” ranges. Her T4 has generally been good, the T3 is the main issue. Apparently T4 is not switching over to T3 well enough with her. Has anyone else experienced this and/or used Armour Thyroid? It is extremely expensive (i.e. $250/month) and I am wondering if there are better alternatives? I believe when we first started treatment, she was on Levothyroxine but desired outcomes were not achieved.

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    Owen J

    Feeding rules:
    Avoid overfeeding. Overeating does not contribute to the emergence of a larger energy reserve in a puppy;

    Limited feeding time. For one feeding, the puppy is given 15–20 minutes. The strictness in this matter will teach the puppy not to stretch the time of feeding and not to leave food in the bowl;

    Missed feeding does not catch up. Next time they give as much feed as usual;

    Fresh water should always be in a bowl.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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