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    eileen K

    My dog is on a prescription hydrolyzed protein dog food as he has a problem digesting regular dog food. I have been able to supplement his food with Stella and CHewy’s freeze dried raw turkey meal mixer which he is able to tolerate. But now he doesn’t want to eat the Royal Canin hydrolyzed protein dog food. All he wants is the freeze dried turkey. Can you suggest a non prescription dog food that I might be able to try? Are there any non prescription hydroluzed protein dog foods on the market?

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    “Are there any non prescription hydrolyzed protein dog foods on the market”?

    NO, there are not, and mixing in another food defeats the purpose. Stop adding stuff to the prescription food.
    Offer a meal 2 times per day, your dog will eat when he is hungry. He will be fine as long as he is drinking water (have fresh water available 24/7)
    If he goes 72 hours without eating solid food then call your vet and discuss diet options.

    https://www.petmd.com/dog/what-hydrolyzed-protein-dog-food excerpt below
    Veterinary prescription hydrolyzed protein dog foods are an excellent choice for both food allergies and IBD. These diets are manufactured under the strictest quality control measures, which ensures that they aren’t contaminated by ingredients that are not included in the label. Eating prohibited foods is a major reason that diagnostic food trials and treatment for food allergies and IBD fail.

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    Rachel E

    So I just changed my dogs food. Been trying to find one that is best for him. He’s a hybrid breed and supper hyperactive. He German shepherd and border collie mix with a sensitive stomach. Also was not acting like he was satisfied with his food. Always getting into left over food. So I switched him to simply nourish limited ingredients. Now I’m on a tight budget. And simply nourish was with in my budget. It has only been a few days. But I’ve noticed a change in him. His brain is supper intelligent like mine, and I know that requires more vitamins and minerals. Energy requires high protein. He’s been more relaxed and not seeming so hungry. He has not gotten sick off the food.

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    Hi Eileen,
    If your dog has problems digesting food then I’d stay with the Freeze Dried raw as raw meat digest easier then Kibbles, Kibbles sits in a dogs stomach. My boy has IBD & he was vomiting back up the Royal Canine HP Kibble 8 hours later when he was 1st diagnosed with IBD, then he was put on a raw diet & he digested the raw easier no vomiting up undigested raw. 🙂
    Feed him the Stella & Chewy freeze dried food, he’s very smart & knows what agrees with him & what is best for him, listen to your dog.
    Vet diets are only temporary – NOT LONG TERM, so once your dog Stomach/Bowel has healed my vet told me to start introducing new ingredients to Patches diet.
    Then once he’s stable on the Stella & Chewy Turkey formula start looking at another Stella & Chewy meat protein, try the Rabbit it has similar ingredients in same place as the Turkey formula also the Rabbit will have lower fat, also the Venison looks good & lower in fat as well. Sometimes high fat can cause diarrhea??

    Start adding a new protein to his diet, read ingredients as some of the Stella & Chewy Freeze Dried formulas have a few organ meats in the 1st – 5 ingredients, organ meats can cause diarrhea when there’s too much, it all depends on your dog if he can handle organ meats, so don’t give up if you have a set back, you’re on the right track feeding freeze dried raw, Freeze Dried Raw is heaps better then any processed kibbles/wet can food.

    You know he can handle & eat Turkey so if you have to get a kibble get a limited ingredient Turkey formula,
    “Wellness” has pretty good dog foods & my boy does really well on Wellness Core, Wellness Simple formula’s with his IBD…
    This is what I feed Patch when he has a bad IBD flare, you’ll see my Patch in the middle photo, the kibble bag is bigger then him lol
    Wellness Simple Turkey & Potato has the Matching wet can foods as well



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