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    Jo C

    Hi, we just got a puppy we’ll actually my son brought home a puppy. He is so little he has to be under 5 pounds. They say he’s 8 weeks old but I was wondering how much to feed a puppy under 5#. I’m used to bigger dogs and this little guy is a chihuahua. I’ve been feeding a little st a time cause I’m scared to over feed him. Any suggestions?

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    Hi, it normally will say on the kibble bag or wet tin food what to feed, go online to the kibble brand/name & have a look at “feeding guide lines”
    I just looked in my “Taste of The Wild” kibble book Puppy Formulas & it says 3-5lb puppy at 6-12weeks feed 1 to 1 1/3 cups, a 3-4month puppy weighing 5-10lbs 1 1/4 to 2 cups …about 4-5 smaller meals thru the day, then when fully grown you feed 2 meals a day…. So about 1 cup of kibble a day, just divide the cup kibble into small meals, maybe go to Pet Shop & ask staff & get some grain free wet tins & the matching kibble, “Wellness” does a Toy Breed & Small Breed Puppy formulas…Someone might know more information….

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    Jo C

    Thank you Susan, I will look into that.

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