How long does an opened bag of food stay fresh?

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    Wanting to stock up on a dog food sale and just started wondering if I should buy a smaller bag(13 lb). It will probably take us about a month to use up a 25 lb bag…actually I think it will take almost 6 weeks…is that too long to have a bag opened? I’ve been buying a 4.4 lb bag and it takes right at a week to use up.

    It’s about 50 cents cheaper to buy the bigger bag per lb.

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    As long as you are rolling the top down tight after you get food out that should be fine. I get a weeks worth of food out into a different container, so I don’t have to open the big bag as often. And I weight down or clip the top of the big bag to minimize air exchange in there.

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    Thanks Patty! 🙂 Sure will help save some MONEY! It’s about $15 cheaper than I can get it at the local store even with coupons.

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    My large bags usually take around 2 months to use up. When I didn’t have so many dogs or when I use to have 2 or 3 bags open at once, even longer than that!

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    Hound Dog Mom

    When I fed dry I didn’t keep anything longer than 4 weeks.

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    Mine last about a month or maybe 5 weeks..

    Pedigree has a locking top, a slider goes across the top to seal it back up..

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    You know Ronald, as much as Nature’s Variety costs…it sure would be nice if they had a zip loc closure! I always fold it all up tight and use a big chip clip.

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