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    I have been lurking around on a few of the “Raw Food” Forums and decided to do homemade-cooked food. I would do raw but my boyfriend has vetoed it (hopefully I can slowly incorporated some raw items without him knowing). I have Dr. Beckers book, I have read it a few times and understand that I am going to need to supplement her food due to lack of bones but still have some questions. We are going currently reintroducing foods after being on a elimination diet of pork and sweet potatoes for the last few months due to her allergies. So far we have discovered she is allergic to rice and chicken. She can have fish. I still have a few more weeks of reintroducing items. I know the rice irrelevant. The dermatologist she’s seeing said that if she is allergic to chicken then she cannot have any “feathered” protein.
    Does anyone have any experience with this?
    Will I need to supplement her feed with anything to make up for the lack of “feathered protein”?

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Just because she’s allergic to chicken that shouldn’t mean that she’s allergic to all poultry. Many dogs are allergic to chicken and aren’t affected by duck, turkey, quail, etc. Some dogs that are allergic to chicken-based kibble can even eat raw chicken or chicken organs without issue. Unless your dog has shown a reaction to other poultry I wouldn’t rule them out as sources of protein. Ideally you want to be feeding an even mix of poultry and red meat. You can supplement with a small amount of fish oil daily or feed a fatty fish (such as sardines or wild salmon) for one or two meals a week. If you do find that you’re needing to avoid all poultry and only feed red meat you should add 1 tsp. hemp seed oil or walnut oil per pound of meat – these oils provide linoleic acid (a short chain omega 6 fatty acid) and alpha linolenic acid (a short chain omega 3 fatty acid) which red meats are deficient in.

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    We have a Westie and a Cairn Terrior, they both have allergies to Wheat (as I do)! We feed them dry dog food that we buy from our local Pet store and we mix chicken thigh meat in with it and they will not eat the food without it. We feed them once a day, I leave the dry dog food in their dish as they basically just eat the chicken, but they do get the dry food as well. Is one time a day not enough, this has always been a concern of mine. Oh, and they do get treats, maybe too much. Thanks for any help you can give.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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