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    Holly C

    Now that it’s almost fall, my family has been eating more meat (beef, chicken, etc.) and I’d like to utilize scraps in any way I can. By the way- I am using fully cooked meat. I don’t want to do any organs or raw meat, because it’s not easily accessible for me, or affordable. I was thinking of using the leftover chicken, stock, vegetables, and rice from our dinners to make some food. I have a food processor to make this. Does anyone want to share some ideas for ingredients and tips? What meats are good for canned food? Which vegetable provide the best vitamins? Should I add any vitamins or oils? Which foods should I avoid? I’m not feeding this alone, but instead on top of his food. Also, I heard somewhere that you should never can with rice, is that true?

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    Kristin C

    Hi Holly-I know you posted this a while ago and have probably figured some of this out. I feed my dogs mostly raw, but I think if you are using this only as a kibble topper and not more than 25% of their diet you can use whatever’s left over from dinner. I personally would avoid the fatty part of the meat. I use a ratio of 80% meat/organs, 5% fruit/veg purée, 15% sweet potato or pumpkin. You might want to omit the rice as that’s probably already in the kibble, if not another carb. Eggs are good, as is a little fish oil, vitamin e and yogurt. Any cooked meat is fine. I avoid pork and fish because I feed raw. There’s a book called See Spot Live Longer that has a few pages on how to supplement your kibble FYI.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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