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    Hi everyone!

    I used to be only a cat dad. I recently adopted a puppy. I am a big believer in the best cat food, and I am so happy to see that this forum exists for dog food. I am still going through all the posts to learn as much as I can.

    I have a question for now – does anyone bring their dog to a holistic or natural vet in NYC or the tri-state area? The vets I have been bringing my puppy to seems to be overprescribing / oversuggesting Hill’s and other big brand names.

    Independent or good dog vet recommendations are appreciated as well.


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    Patti S
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    Patti S

    Just be aware that a puppy needs it’s puppy shots!
    After that, you might want to titer test to see if your dog has the antibodies that will protect him/her.

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    If you want my advice, beware of holistic Vets, unless they practice traditional medicine as well, and have a more balanced, sane, non mentally-ill view of animal husbandry.

    I live in the NYC area, and have taken various dogs to Manhattan e-vets several times in the past. The ineptitude of Manhattan and Bronx Vets is absolutely cringe worthy, and I had a 3yr old dog die after 12 hours of excruciating pain, when her holistic Vet, instead of injecting her with “toxic” steroids to control the swelling of her IVDD, which was causing pressure on the spinal column, told me the dog needed a chiropractor. I mean this quite seriously. I have owned Beagles long enough to recognize the signs of a disc about to slip. The Vet knew it as well. But he WOULD NOT TREAT THE DOG because he was convinced the swelling was caused by unbalanced energy of some unbeknownst variety, and SENT ME AWAY with the recommendation of finding the dog a chiropractor.

    After the initial shock wore off, I took her to a NYC e-vet. Explained the problem succinctly. Said veterinarian did not care for the fact the dog was intact and that I was a breeder (what else is new). For the THIRD time in the 12+ years I’ve been breeding dogs, a Vet DELIBERATELY killed, withheld health info or otherwise ruined a dog by prescribing me generic Rimadyl, an arthritis medication, for a condition that required serious steroids. When I realized what had been done, I was set to kill this Vet; unfortunately, the dog died first. I had to rush her to Vet 3 for immediate euthanasia, because at 4 am her slipped disc exploded, which is the inevitable result of a slipped disc left untreated. She screamed in agony for two hours.

    The moral of the story?

    Beware of NYC Vets. Never go to a holistic Vet that eschews all traditional medicine if you value your dog’s life.

    … sorry for the rant.

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