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    Peter H

    Greetings….new member. I was concerned about garlic/garlic powder in dog food/treats…and Zukes.

    Put both in Search Box and a lot showed up. A lot of replies are lengthy and I stopped reading after just a few….trying to pick out “Zukes” and ‘garlic” in the same black script was a bit much for impatient me.

    Is it possible to highlight the Search word/term in red for old fuddy-duddys, like me ?


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    Hi Peter, I live Australia & Garlic is in a lot of our Australian made dogs foods… Garlic is very healthy for dogs, it repeals worms, fleas & diseases….. When you read the ingredient list to the treats the garlic should be near the end of the ingredient list, the further down the ingredient list an ingredient is then there isn’t much of it….
    When your bored Google “The Oldest Dog in the World” & watch the video made by Rodney Habib, Rodney Habib is good to follow on face book if your on Face book…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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