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    joseph c

    Are there any high quality foods available for dogs diagnosed with Cancer?

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    I’m so sorry for your predicament. When I had a dog that was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the only thing she would eat and appeared to enjoy, was cut up broiled chicken breast pieces.

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    joseph c

    Thank you.. we actually caught this in a very early stage. Hopefully with treatement and diet change she will be fine? Praying for good results.

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    Canine Caviar advertises a bit towards dogs with cancer, other than that I would try to go grain free for the anti inflammatory properties, or even better raw

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    A complete and balanced raw diet. Either home prepared or feed as I do and that is commercial raw frozen formulas. I feed a few different ones. I rotate brands and proteins. One of my girls has a tumor in her bladder and a mass on the lobe of one of her lungs. Diagnosed 15 months ago and remains asymptomatic.

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    Hi Joseph,

    You can find some good information here regarding diet and cancer https://weethnutrition.wordpress.com/

    Nutrition and Cancer: What We Can and Can’t DO

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    Hi, avoid grains if possible & starchy vegetables, potatoes, peas, legumes, carrots, sweet potatoes, winter squash etc sugar fuels the cancer cells, here’s Lew Olsons news letter she also has her Face Book group called “K9 Nutrition” she answers all posts…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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