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    Carol P

    I have been feeding my 3 small dogs Blue Wilderness Weight Control and was recently told that this is too high protein for inactive dogs such as mine and could cause kidney problems along with others . One is cockapoo, mixed terrier and chihuahua. They each overeat so I weigh their food – I give them 2 oz. of dry food mixed with a tablespoon of Organix canned food. All suggestions will be appriciataed.

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    Few things in this.

    There are many studies showing that high protein causing kidney damage in dogs is a myth, and 30% isn’t terribly high either-it’s actually the number i shoot for at minimum, and i supplement with high protein canned and dehydrated on top of that. That shouldn’t be a concern for you, and lower in fat is more important for weight loss than lower protein.

    However, I wouldn’t continue feeding blue. If you want to stay on a weight loss food (i’ve never personally used any) the two I see recommended the most on here are Wellness Core Weight Control, and Annamaet Lean. I’ve seen a few people use Natural Balance Fat Dog as well, but I won’t feed anything from that company either.

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    I agree with aquariangt. 30% protein is pretty average, not high. Pinnacle Peak Protein is 42% and Epigen is 60% for comparison.

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