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    Has anyone here have issues with reocurring Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis? Our 5 year old lab has had it 3 times in her lifetime and they really cannot pin point the source…I am thinking it may be tied to her allergies/stress…just wondering if others have been affected by this and suggestions? I am going to start her on a probiotic all the time from now as well….

    The Vet also diagnosed her with Colitis but this is brutal…our poor baby is really sick when she gets this and I feel horrible to see her like this. The other lab we have never gets this and does not have allergies like our 5 year old yellow lab has…

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    First and foremost, what are you feeding her? My first thought is to try and get her on a high meat protein diet, with moderate fat and low carbs, no grain or white potato. Add digestive enzymes too, so her body has to do as little work as possible to get as much as possible out of her food. I’d like to suggest that you go to Brotherscomplete.com and read their Brothers Document and their FAQs. A lot of allergy and digestive issues in dogs are because we don’t feed them a species appropriate diet and Brothers was designed to address that issue. In my opinion, the only thing you can do better is to start feeding balanced raw.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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