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    Donna G B

    I have a fur senior that has so many allergies. Main: Egg, Beef, Potatoes (both white and sweet) shellfish and tomatoes. He’s 13 years old and I give him shots. I didn’t go into boarder line, like rice and a few others. Trees, weeds, bugs etc. He smelled like yeast most of the time and had spots of little red bumps that itched horrible. I started bathing him in a shampoo especially for killing yeast on the skin and you know, haven’t had one red spot or itching. He is also on a antihistamine but he was before and had the red spots anyway. Sometimes itching so bad that he got bigger sores and had to have medication. So, he was put on z/d dry and canned. I HATE SCIENCE DIET but I give it to him because I was to scared to try anything else. Well, I’m not anymore:
    How about his z/d dry and for canned: Wellness 95% meat: Chicken, Lamb, Turkey, Salmon etc. Home cooked mixed vegetables and cooked oatmeal? I don’t know how to give him the right amounts but he is also on “Snip It’s” and I put him on Vetri Science Canine Plus Senior” do any of you think this would work? Not one thing he is allergic to. I hope you answer me. Thank You \: Donna from Iowa.

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    What do you mean by “shots”? Allergen Specific Immunotherapy? That’s the only thing that helped my dog, plus frequent baths with Malaseb, Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea dry food as a base works best (imo)
    Please use the search engine here and see my posts for “allergies”.
    Example: /forums/topic/allergies-test/


    If your dog has not been seen and skin tested by a board certified dermatologist I would suggest doing so, asap. The food may have absolutely nothing to do with his symptoms.

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    If by shots you are talking about prednisone and benadryl, those are just band aid approaches.
    I would take the dog to a specialist, it will be cheaper in the long run (imo)

    What area are you in? Look for a veterinary school, call and ask for a referral.
    PS: Yes, it will cost a few bucks. It is what it is.

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    Donna G B

    Thank you very much, I appreciate your response.

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    You are welcome. What does his regular vet recommend?

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    Hi I have a 7 nilly 8 yr old Staffy that has Seasonal Allergies & food Sensitivities IBD, last year I thought bugger this, MY Patch was ill with his stomach, he stunk like a yeasty old dog, had red paws, hive like lumps all over the white sections of fur, then I started to read about strengthen the Immune System 70% of our immune system is in our stomach & intestinal tract…. I started rotating kibbles & started cooking meals & feeding patch every thing, he was miserable & sick on vet diets, the Z/d Kibble made his yeast worse the vet diet kibbles have different ingredients to the wet tin vet diet, then this year he started to get better & I don’t know was it from rotating his foods & not leaving him on the same foods for more then 3-4 weeks, if giving him different fresh foods & fruit has strengthen his immune system but something worked…..
    Go with your heart & just do what feels right & your old boy will be happier, Patch still has his hive like lumps but they’re not itchy they are not bothering him, if his paws go red I get out the Hydrocortisone cream & the next morning his paws are all clear again & I also do weekly baths to wash off any allergens & pollens that might be on his skin/fur….

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