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    First off, thanks for all the help with my previous questions.

    I just found out that MPC is delivering near me this weekend, and I can still order by Thursday! But I’m very confused on what to order. At this point I want to stick with ground meat for my dogs digestive issues, so I was looking at their ground whole chicken or chicken super mix. What is the difference? How is the bone to muscle meat to organ ratios on these?

    Right now my plan is to start with a pre made raw (bravo), and use MPC meat for part of each meal, so that I know he’s getting the vitamins and minerals he needs. Hopefully I’ll become comfortable to gradually switch. I have purchased and skimmed through dr. Becker’s book and the ancestral diet book recommended here, but both seem to have recipes geared towards chicken thighs or ground meat without bone, so I can’t figure out where the ground whole fits in.

    If anyone can help with what a good first order would be, it would be much appreciated! I promise I plan on doing a lot more research, but I feel like I’m at a road block.

    Thanks a ton!

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    Newbie here too. I have been using the grind mixes w/ bone to add to dry food and on their own occasionally. I use the boneless ground meat w/ the See Spot Live Longer miix & when Harry gets a large turkey neck. Besides that Tripe is our go to favorite thing from MPC & Hare Today. I just got a new small freezer & there’s quite a big order in my shopping cart as we speak. Going to try the goat & rabbit grinds as Harry can’t have poultry (except bones)

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    Would their ground whiting fish be the same as adding sardines to the diet? Or do sardines have a special balance of omegas?

    Also, would the whole ground chicken be equivalent to the mix of RMBs, ground meat, and organs recommended in dr Becker’s book or the ancestral diet book? If so, could I follow their supplement guides?

    Lastly, is there any type of premix or vitamin that can be mixed with whole ground chicken to balance it? I know most are for meat without bone.


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    HI Molzy-

    Sounds like your at the same point as me, lol. I have the same two books and washoping for more recipes that included bone in-Beckers turkey and chicken one are identical, except for protein. Can’t really say that is “two recipes” imo.

    If you read the book, there is a mall blurb that whole ground chicken is the proper balance for rmb/bonless. So yes, if you added the 5.25 and th 3.25lbs, you could use 8.5lbs of that instead.

    You would still need to add the proper amount of organs called for in the recipe.

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    These are 2 I am familiar with.



    Can anyone give me an idea what the shipping charges would be to NY?
    For MPC orders, I mean.

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    I use CarnivoreRaw without Calcium in my meat/organ grinds. The one that neezerfan mentions above. I asked Urban Wolf about their’s and it’s only for boneless meat.

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    Thanks guys!

    After looking through dr. Becker’s book again last night I am a little less intimidated by the whole thing and will probably try to follow their supplement regiment to start. I looked at the ingredients on my frozen natures variety last night too, which helped. Not all that complicated.

    I also went freezer shopping last night, as we need more freezer space even if this diet doesn’t work for Quincy. I can get a small chest freezer (7 cubic feet) for $250 at the local appliance store. Probably a plunge I need to make.

    Thanks again!

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    Hi everyone!

    This afternoon, Sam devoured a big lovely beef trachea. MPC packages an entire trachea cut into two pieces. He ate one piece while laying in the backyard in a foot of snow. He was so cute and that snuggly warm coat of his does an amazing job of keeping him warm in our cold snowy weather, which he loves to be outside in.

    I was wondering if anyone might have a guess as to how many calories there might be in a piece of trachea that is approximately eight inches in length; and a chicken foot too for that matter.

    Not knowing the GA of recreational bones (etc.) is the hardest part of feeding them. I don’t want to ooverfeed him, but I also know he’ll be expecting something for dinner when Bella gets hers.

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