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    lindsay h

    Hi guys, I have tried what feels like everything with my dog and I can only get him to eat wet food…while I don’t have a problem feeding him wet I contacted Blue Buffalo (one of the only foods he will touch) and they recommend mixing dry in to make sure he is getting enough nutrients but not a calorie overload…basically i called because their site recommended 1 – 1.5 cans per 10 pounds of body weight which sounded insane because he is 70 pounds and 1 can has 413 kcals. SO long story short are there any dry foods you all could recommend I could sneak in (he typically finds the dry and spits it out) that your picky eater loves …Please no chicken based foods as he has an allergy…..also we have tried 6 fish, nutrisource seafood select and an acacna fish based….no luck. I would so appreciate your help to make sure my baby is getting enough nutrients without having to throw so many cans of food at him a day. THANK YOU!!

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    First of all, has he has had a recent annual exam by a veterinarian and lab work to rule out any medical issues. Dental issues? Changes in appetite and behavior are often a red flag that something is wrong. Don’t just assume that your dog is a “picky eater”.

    Once the dog is medically cleared, I highly recommend Zignature.

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    lindsay h

    Yes, he was at the vet last week. He is healthy and he is in fact just a picky eater. He scarfs down the wet so its just a matter of him disliking certain foods. Thanks.

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    Jude N

    My dog is the same way. I’ve tried him on the following kibbles:

    – Blue Buffalo
    – Merrick
    – Taste of the Wild
    – Zignature
    – Nature’s Varity Instinct
    – Orijen
    – Acana
    – Legacy
    – Wellness
    – Fromm
    – Nulo
    – Earthborn
    – ZiwiPeak
    – PetKind
    – Wysong
    – Halo

    I have tried numerous wet foods; the only kind he’ll eat is Merrick, which makes him gassy, and is expensive. He has tried Stella & Chewy dehydrated raw, Grandma Lucy’s, and Primal. He likes them all for about a week, and will then start going days without eating, to the point that he will vomit bile from being without food for too long.

    He ate Nature’s Variety Instinct beef patties very well for several months; I made the mistake of trying to switch to Stella & Chewy’s venison raw patties, and he detests those. He now will only willingly eat actual ground, whole prey beef mixes from My Pet Carnivore, and beef tripe. I switched him to pork and he has eaten his dinner only twice since last Wednesday, because he’s refusing it.

    So basically what I’m saying is that I feel for you, LOL.

    Are you wanting kibble or wet food recommendations?

    Something that you might try: sprinkle a little bit of garlic powder onto his food. My vet recommended this trick to me, and it’s worked a few times. Now I just make his meals into what can only be called “tripe sandwiches”, trying to not waste the pork meat by layering it between tripe. Sigh.

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    Hi Lindsay,
    make sure you read the fat % on a wet tin foods, the fat in raw & wet tin foods hasn’t been converted to dry matter fat(kibble) here’s a calculator conversion link to help you work out the fat% protein & fiber %, higher fat can cause pancreatitis, weight gain etc. roughly 5%min-fat in a wet tin food is around 20%min-25%max fat % when converted to dry matter, so stick with wet tin foods 5% & under for fat….

    I like smaller size kibbles, have a look at “Canidae” pure formula’s, they are grain free have limited ingredients & have single meat proteins, look at the Pure Wild, Pure Land formula’s, they both only have 7 ingredients & smell really good, no bad fishy smell… Canidae kibbles are easy to digest & soften within 20mins when soaked in warm water…
    I would soak about 1/2 cup kibble in warm water for 15-20mins before your going to feed him, but make sure the kibble is soft all the way thru, so 20mins soaking should be long enough if it’s a Canidae kibble, Canidae kibbles are high in Kcals per cup, a 50lb-75lb dog that is exercise only need’s 2-3 cups a day, not much exercise 1-1 1/2 cups a day, the Canidae Pure Wild Boar is 454Kcals per cup, the Pure Land is 474Kcals per cup….

    My dog doesn’t really like fish either but loves Bison, lamb, kangaroo & pork, he can’t eat Chicken or fish, change meat protein to 1 novel protein, Lamb, Bison, Pork, Kangaroo see how he goes.. Pure Land is on page 2, Pure Wild is on page 3 scroll down read ingredients & see kibble size, you need a small size kibble so when the kibble swells it isn’t real big don’t over soak & leave kibble soaking in the water for too long, no over night soaking the kibble it will swell & become too big & fill with water 20mins just softens the kibble & make sure it’s not hard in the middle, just squeeze a few kibbles to make sure they’re all soft all the way thru, so he doesn’t catch on to what you’re doing these dogs are very smart, lol
    I just remember what I did with my boy when his IBD was real bad, I soaked the kibbles till soft then I fully drained out all of the water they were soaking in, I cuffed my hand in the bowl & pushed hand against kibble in bowl & squeezed out the water in the soft kibbles, then I put the soft kibbles thru a blender & this broke the soft kibbles all up, then you can mix thru the wet tin food, does he like treats?? when you first get the bag of kibble put about 1 cup kibble in a air tight container & give a few kibbles to him as treats so he gets to likes them…

    Sometimes when food has cause pain or some type of health problem, the dog becomes fussy cause the food has caused some discomfort, gas, wind pain, diarrhea, acid reflux, vomiting etc so now he see’s kibble as bad……or he’s a very smart dog & knows how kibble is made, LOL

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    lindsay h

    I can tell that you understand where I am coming from!!! It is so hard to please him but he’s worth all the effort!! Thanks so much. I am trying just a tad of zignature venison right now mixed with the wet and he actually really likes it (for now) this could change in a week though so we will cross our fingers!!

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    lindsay h

    Susan, thank you for such great info. I will check that site out asap. You have been so helpful and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

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