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    Nancy M

    I’m back on here again! Now asking if anyone has had much experience with Victor dog food. I’m currently feeding a puppy/adult formula; specifically the Hi-pro Plus. Not to repeat myself, but the Sheltie pup I got about 2 weeks ago was already on it, so because my mini Aussie pup is now a year old and ready to change over from Diamonds Naturals puppy formula, I decided to just put her on this same formula. For a couple weeks, the Aussie has aquired very itchy skin but other than that, went through the switchover just fine. The Sheltie pup remains doing well on it. I’m planning to change the Aussie over to something else as soon as I know for sure the food is causing her allergy/itching problems.

    BUT, BUT, BUT………I have also noticed excessive stools, I think. It’s rather ridiculous in my opinion. It’s like, what the heck is staying in there? I clean my yard everyday, and since this morning again, I’ve cleaned up no less than 3 – 4 stools, EACH dog, already and it’s only 4:00 in the afternoon! This doesn’t seem right. Plus, the Aussie has lost about a pound of weight since she got on this food. I’ve started giving HER a little more because of the weight loss and then of course, the puppy is growing, so I’ve added a tiny bit more to his meals trying to get him down from 4 feedings a day to only 3. But it seems this stuff is almost going right through them. Sheltie pup is now almost 13 weeks and HAS continued to put on weight, but it’s minimal (which I would say is a good thing), but I’m concerned about all the stools and my Aussie’s weight loss, on top of the itching/allergy issues.

    Can anyone give me some input and experience with this food?
    Thanks for your help, as always!

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    Nancy, I have fed the seafood Victor (Yukon Salmon) mixed with other foods with great success and no more than 3 BMs per day. I am actually going to feed the High-Pro and the Joint one for a bit and alternate them – I have a ton of samples, enough for about 2 weeks of just them or longer in rotation – a meal of Victor and a meal of some other food, I think my next one is Wysong Nurture with Quail – so I will see how Bruno does. But I really like Victor and would not mind trying a whole bag of it once my current stash is out.

    I think @crazy4cats has been feeding a lot of it, and maybe @Melissaandcrew .

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    I dont know if this food is high protein but too much protein can make you poo more, as ur getting to much protein, maybe try something with less protein & see if they are better..

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