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    There is a mail in rebate for a 15 pound bag of Nutro Natural Choice available, and I’d like to use it, but I’d also like to pick the best I can. I’ve narrowed it down to a few foods, but I can’t decide which I want to go with. This will be for an older dog that has some troubles keeping weight on, and doesn’t like to eat in excess (remember Haley?). I know both calories and protein play a role in food consumption, but thats about it. So I need you guys to help me narrow my list down further, so I can pick which one I’ll buy.

    Here’s what I’ve got:

    Toy Sr 4*
    Wholesome Essentials Puppy 4*
    LID Puppy 4*
    High Endurance 4.5*

    The first three have lower protein (in the 26-28% range), and both fresh and mealed meats, but have higher calories. The High Endurance has 30%, has only chicken meal, and slightly lower calories than the other three. Thoughts?

    I’ve also got two other dogs that don’t need anything special, if none of these would work for Haley.

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    An endurance food that is lower calorie? Weird! I would go with the LID, because it is better for rotating, or the puppy.

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    Yeah, it’s weird. It’s not SUPER low calorie, more like average for lower brands, but it’s low for what they claim it to be. Here’s the link:


    The LIDs are all lamb (I guess they don’t want to branch out unless the package says fish or otherwise). The others listed are chicken. My guys get both often.

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    Then go for puppy.

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    Which would you go for? The LID or the Wholesome Essentials?

    Wholesome Essentials Puppy:

    -27% Protein
    -16% Fat
    -384 calories/cup

    LID Puppy:

    -26% Protein
    -15% Fat
    -393 calories/cup

    Its either more fat and protein, and less calories, or less fat and protein and more calories. I think I’d rather go with the first, though. The calories aren’t that much different (neither really are the fat and protein, but you know)… What I really want is the Small Breed Puppy, but the largest bag it comes in is 8 pounds, and the rebate calls for 15 pound bags. Poo 🙁 http://www.nutro.com/natural-dog-food/natural-choice-dog-food/dry/small-breed-puppy-food.aspx

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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