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    My dog has a food intolerance which caused her liver enzymes to go up. Once we switched to a duck LID they went back down to normal. I have been feeding her Go! Duck kibble mixed with Zignature duck and vital essentials duck nibs in the morning and Primal freeze dried duck in the evening. We just saw our vet for her annual exam and she wants us to switch to a food free of legumes, peas etc due to DCM. I can’t afford to spend $80 a month feeding raw. I also am finding it impossible to find a LID food that doesn’t have any of the ingredients listed above. I can switch to another rare protein but my dog has been doing great on her duck food. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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    frankly I don’t believe that those items will hurt dogs, its the refined junk that was being put into foods that are harmful 🙁

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    The study and my vet who is well known in her field feel otherwise. It’s not worth taking a risk. She has no problem with the Primal. She recommended going with a food that has a veterinarian on staff and has a history of trials. I have decided to switch to Go! Sensitive Duck w grains. It’s the same LID food I feed now but has no peas, legumes, chicken, turkey etc. I will continue to add Vital Essentials freeze dried duck nibs to her dry food and feed Primal in the evening.

    I was hoping to find more options but for now this will work. Companies are coming out with varieties that contain grain minus the peas and legumes but I feel more comfortable going with a company that has been around with a good track record. Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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