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    Kris H

    I am a pet sitter in Atlanta, GA and have had 6 client dogs go off their regular dry food in the past 6 months. My own dog did as well to the point we thought a mysterious illness was claiming her. Vet did all bloodwork, stool samples, pee samples, dental exams, x-rays for blockages, you name it and nothing was wrong.

    The foods are Purina ProPlan, Royal Canin and one other lesser known brand. The dogs have had no problem in the past and are all voratious eaters.

    I have a theory that the backstock of kibble companies had from the pre-pandemic years has been exhausted and the new food is being made with ingredients caught up in supply chain problems during the pandemic. ie: made with ingredients that sat on a ship for months instead of timely delivery. Or alternate ingredients were used, but not reported as the change didn’t meet a quality control percentage that requires reporting. I know the ProPlan looks like they’ve added lawn clippings to the kibble. Perhaps it’s chaff from pea pods used as filler. I have had no response from Purina.

    Has anyone else found that their dog has stopped eating their kibble, just will not eat it no matter what? I am not asking for suggestions on food, just need to know if this is happening elsewhere.

    Thank you.

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    johanna B

    YES!! But I also feed raw so I think she’s just protesting! But, there has been a change in the dry I feed. Doesn’t even look the same. I returned two bags already, and may be re-thinking feeding dry at all…. If it looks different I refuse to feed. and It looks very different. Like the recent issue with Wellness discussed on another forum. Some said they still fed it. I wouldn’t.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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