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    Jenn H

    There’s a new food available in the US that is designed, researched, developed by vets in Italy. They have 2 formulas right now. One is for skin and one is for digestion (Legend).
    It’s supposed to be so highly digestible that no transitioning is required. (Like i/d I guess.)

    I’m seriously considering trying it for my IBD girl. She has been on i/d off & on for almost 2 yrs. Her vet would like to try her on Ultamino, but it’s insanely expensive.

    Has anyone tried this with a dog that has GI issues?

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    Kathy R

    Hi Jenn, first post but important enough to share with you. Forza has been a godsend for my girl. She is a Shep/Pit cross about 80 lbs., large boned and intact.

    Since a young pup she had severe IBD issues. I tried so many various, high quality, limited ingredient, etc to no avail. I switched to raw 2 years ago and it helped her tremendously. She put her weight back on, nice coat, etc.

    Raw was becoming expensive and I’m now a single mom so this food was highly recommended. It is the ONLY food other than raw she can eat and have a nice, solid stool and no GI issues. I now feed Forza digestion and she is also eating some raw.

    Hope this helps. Kit Kat

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    Parag S

    Hi Kathy,

    What differences did you notice in your dog going from raw to legend?


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    Michael M

    I was actually recommended this food for one of my rescues that had some nerve damage in her back from being abused and as such was getting constipated quite easily. I used this for her and it definitely helped. I have heard good things about it all around, and I think that being more easily digestible will help your pup with GI issues.

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    Allison L

    This food is amazing ..its a clean food with ingredients all sourced from Iceland and Italy ..what is has done for my 2 German Shepherds was a god send ..they were getting constant cysts and dry skin and their coat was dull and coarse ..they were on Taste of The Wild all their lives .
    I will never change their diet from Legend Skin Formula ever ..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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