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    I’ve got a very picky eating dog at my house. What can I do? He hates everything that I give him. Please help me!!!

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    Is Natural Balance a good food for picky eaters?

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    It’s a boy named Buster and he is a mixed, 2 year old large breed dog.

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    Have you tried adding canned or dehydrated raw?

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    What is dehydrated raw?

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    The honest kitchen, sojos, natures variety, etc

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    Lori S

    My almost 10 yr old Labradoodle is a picky eater also… I have never found a food that she actually likes. I have done a dog food taste test with her with 10 bowls of different kibble … she smelled them all and layed down! Now I just give her some kibble and 1/2 can of wet food. I buy different brands and varieties to entice her. One day she may gobble it up and the next she turns up her nose. Most of the time she only eats the wet food but has to eat the kibble eventually because she is hungry. I have tried home cooked and raw with no avail. Some dogs are just that way.. sorry and good luck.

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    If you want to get some kibble into her with the canned, you might want to invest in a small coffee grinder. Grind her kibble then mix it in with the canned. She won’t be able to sort that out at all.

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    Lori S

    Awesome Idea theBCnut- I will try it!! THANKS


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    Vianca V

    My mother chihuahua is incredibly picky eater, to the point that she preffers to have a hypoglicemic attack rather than eat, lately upon my request she tried wellness turkey stew and for the moment she eats and enjoys this food, its canned and a little expensive, but we make it work.

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    Would someone please explain to me what dehydrated raw food is? Is it kibble or is it canned dog food? I’ve only heard of a few brands of dog food. The brands from the grocery store, what my vet talks about and the brands named on tv commercials.

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    cindy q

    The honest kitchen is dehydrated, but its not raw. Marie my standard poodle is very picky but she just started eating Orijen and she finishes all of it.

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    Dehydrated is neither kibble or canned, usually it is somewhat powdered, though it may have chunks in it. They use a dehydrator(low heat) and forced air to dry the food. Think beef jerky, herbs, dried fruit, all of these are different forms of dehydrated, but they are not raw.

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    So where would I find this dehydrated raw food and how would I feed it?

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    my mistake, I kinda just assumed honest kitchen was the same as sojos-who does call themselves dehydrated raw, thought maybe it isn’t. It still may help get your dog to eat, Marie. You can get it online, or smaller pet boutique type stores will have some variety of it. Petsmart and Petco both carry nature’s variety, and they have a dehydrated product as well

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    Okay thank you all so much;)

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    Hi Marie,

    In my experience, many picky eaters are that way for one of two reasons:
    1. They’re overfed. They are hardly ever hungry because they’re getting more than enough calories already (usually overweight, too).
    2. Their GI tract is not very happy. Eating makes them have some sort of discomfort so they wait until they’re really hungry or until there is something that smells/looks/seems perfect.

    Fixing #1 is easy. Have a day of fasting. Next day, the appetite should be better. It’s OK to give water on fasting day. This can be done occasionally or even weekly.

    Fixing #2 can be more involved. I almost always recommend probiotics, digestive enzymes, and some easily digested fresh foods.

    Hope that helps!

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    Hilary P

    I have a question about picky eaters also,
    How do we know what taste good to them do dogs have the same taste buds as humans? I have bought wellness core to Timberwolf platinum up to $85. A bag and I would think the more money the better dog food ??? Help

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    Hi Hilary- palatability has nothing to do with the amount of money you pay for a food. in fact more of the cheaper foods that contain sugar and flavorings are going to taste better to your dog, but that doesn’t mean the food is good for them. my dog is picky as well and it’s taken a lot of trial and error to find a food he’ll eat without canned food with it. He eats Fromm right now and loves it. I can’t say Fromm is what will work for your dog, but you will find something that works.

    If you are able to get samples of different foods, without spending tons of money buying bags and having to toss them or donate them because the dog won’t eat that would be a lot better. Also, if I can’t get samples, I buy the smallest size bag they offer to test it out and bring it back if I have to. Most stores will take a food back even if the bag is opened.

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    Kristen B

    When our dog, Bandit, would not eat from a traditional food bowl, we took him to the vet to rule out illnesses. We were thrilled he was in perfect health, but frustrated he would not eat from his bowl. We tried all sorts of different tactics to get him to eat. We finally realized Bandit preferred it when we dumped his food on the floor. In an attempt to replicate his natural instinct to eat off the ground, we used a paper plate and we even used a lid for a while. None of these options were visually appealing or sanitary. We finally switched to The Pet Plate Complete Feeding System, an innovative pet feeding system designed specifically for finicky pets like Bandit. The Pet Plate solved our pet feeding issues once and for all. http://www.thepetplate.com

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    Leslie L

    Has anybody else tried the Pet Plate? I have a 11 month old male Labrador Retriever who eats his food only if I dump it on the tray of his crate.

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    Hi Leslie L-

    I have not used the Pet Plate, but it looks like a great idea. Many cats and dogs do not like their tags or whiskers touching the sides of a bowl. You may also be able to spread the food out a little more, slowing down fast eaters. I’m not sure how big the plate is?

    My dogs always have two water dishes in the house side by side by their kennels. The bowls are ceramic and identical except for the color. They constantly empty the white one, but do not touch the dark brown one. Same went for their outside water bowls. They drink out of the big white ceramic one, but not the stainless steel one.

    Go figure? Good luck to you!

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    Leslie L

    Dear Crazy4Cats,

    I went to where I buy my dog food. It is a small family owned store where the owner knows a tremendous amount. I told her about this crazy guy’s newest silliness and she told me it is not so unusual that a dog does not want to eat out of the bowl. She said to try an old cookie sheet and see if he will be good with that so I’m planning on doing that for his dinner, might be a bit cleaner than him eating from the crate tray. It’s just so unusual for a Lab to be fussy about food. I may try the Pet Plate if all else fails.

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    Z B

    I had the same issue with my boxer. I finally got a large shallow metal pan, like one that you would use for chicken feed, at Walmart in the dog bowl section for a few bucks. Problem solved!
    The cookie sheet should work.

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    Oh boy, what we will do for our furries, huh? LOL! I have two lab mix dogs and one of them is as quirky as heck. I hope the cookie sheet works. Good luck!

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    Leslie L

    Woe, this guy is going to send me to the county home for nutty dog parents!! This morning he turned his nose up to the food the minute I put it down. I bought a can of Honest Kitchen Bone Broth and that kept him interested for a few days. We have had 9 Labs and never had a picky fussy one, they have all had the “piggy gene” but not this guy. I have contacted my vet and will wait and see what she suggests. He is otherwise fully of energy, playful, happy, poops are good and just about the best 11 month old you could ask for. It’s just frustrating.

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    Some dogs go off their food due to the heat, so make sure your dog is cool enough before feeding. I even feed mine some things frozen to help cool them down.

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    David H

    Thanks @Tabitha for sharing your experience.

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    Amy B

    If you add a small amount of cat food its irresitable to dogs because of the high protein content. They will eat
    Good luck

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    Karen K

    I have a 5 month old Maltese who was hospitalized within the first six days of having her. Since then, feeding has been a nightmare. She is very picky and tiny (just 3 lbs.). She won’t eat from a bowl. She will either eat off the “mat” or from a spoon. Ugh…. She will eat well and seemingly enjoy a food and later on turns up her nose and walks away. I have to make sure she gets enough to avoid hypoglycemia and to get her to grow to her full potential. Any help or advise at all would be greatly appreciated!!
    By the way, I have a 4 yr old Havanese/Maltese mix eats like a champ!

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    Have you been back to the vet? Was she diagnosed with a specific condition?
    If she has been medically cleared, I would just add a bite of chopped cooked lean chicken breast or scrambled egg or cooked ground turkey to her kibble, add a splash of water, maybe presoak with water or homemade plain chicken broth. Measured feedings 2 or 3 times a day. Don’t leave food down.
    I had a dog that would only eat off of a mat, just find an attractive small mat and think of it as her bowl, don’t try to force her to do something she is uncomfortable with. Make sure she is drinking water, add a little to her meals, to be on the safe side,
    At 5 months, she must be teething, give her a 1/2 raw carrot to chew on to soothe her gums.
    Small breeds are especially vulnerable to periodontal disease (down the road) so start daily dental brushings now, it helps.
    Ps: She will be going into heat in the next 2-3 months…..so, decide what you want to do, or not do, about that.

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    Karen K

    She was diagnosed with Giardia and Coccidia, initially and spent 5 days in the hospital. She has completed 3 rounds of meds, and we are waiting to retest on Friday. She cleared the Coccidia quickly but the Giardia has remained an issue. I have been working very closely with my vet. She is definitely teething which is certainly not helping. I always pre-soak the kibble in plain chicken broth. Sometimes she eats it and loves it. and other times she walks away. I feed only at specified times and do not free feed. I have tried all of the things you’ve suggested. I know I actually created this issue. But, the Giardia meds were rough on her appetite. I was told that I just really needed to get food in her because her appetite was so off. Now, I have created a little monster. She is drinking water. So, that’s a good thing. She likes the Stella & Chewy’s chicken meal starters which is great. But, they are pretty low in carbs. Do you think alternating kinds of kibble is a possibility? She gets either sick of or bored with something easily….Again, I know that I created this mess.
    Yes, I will be having her spayed when my vet thinks the time is right.

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    I think you are right, just get food into her, whatever works for now. Once she is stable, you can reevaluate her diet.
    I had a peke years ago that loved Mighty Dog, it comes in small cans and he did well on it. It was soft, like baby food and easy to digest, plus, you can find it at your local market.
    I might mix it with a good quality kibble and a splash of water and see how it goes.

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    I know the dog food snobs think this is junk. But dogs love it, so, I have found it may work to jump start their appetites.

    My very last resort would be a little supermarket rotisserie chicken meat (loaded with msg and all kinds of chemical crap) mixed in with kibble. Short term only 🙂
    No bones, of course.

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    Karen K

    Thanks! I really appreciate all of your help and advice!! 🙂

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Karen K:
    Ask your Vet if probiotics would be beneficial. I have had luck with Forti Flora. A few years ago it helped my cat who was not eating due to health complications. It enticed him to eat and also helped with other issues he had from his illness. My dog loves it as well. However, a few of my cats did not care for it, there’s always a few in the crowd.

    My Vet sells it by the packet which is great for trying it out, or by the box. You can also buy it from several on-line retailers.



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    Coconut oil can be enticing. Might try 1/4 teaspoon since she is so little.

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    Another thought, if the pup is still on medication, ask the vet it that would be causing her to be nauseous, thereby causing poor appetite?
    I ask because if this is the problem, sometimes they can switch to a different med.
    This sometimes occurs with antibiotics, the dog may tolerate one antibiotic, but, not another.

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    Marie P

    Place your dog on a high-quality salmon oil ( I like the ones from Alaska) – Grizzly is a good one. Also, start on a Daily supplement to balance out the nutrients and help the immune system; See here; Normally 1 to 1 1/2 per day — Got to http://www.nuvet.com/81098 and tell them Marie sent you for the Green Bottle – made in the USA / Human grade quality, not pet level grade. ( code 81098 if you want the auto ship deal ) Call 1-800-474-7044 and they can suggest the exact dosage for your dog’s situation

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    Karen K

    I use the NuVet vitamins for her. I really have to get her to eat…..sigh. Thanks for your help!

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    Marie P

    Salmon dinner for dogs, Woof food!
    Salmon Dinner for dogs
    Glad you have her on a good supplement; TRY this recipe:

    3-4 bs. Wild caught salmon ( frozen is fine if you can’t get fresh) – COOK the Salmon,
    5 cups brown rice cooked to mushy texture
    1/2 chopped garlic clove – fresh
    2 cups fresh cabbage – steamed / or Fry
    1 1/2 cups of zucchini ~~ steamed / or Fry
    3-4 tablespoons Olive Oil

    1 Daily multi-vitamin
    ( NUVET PLUS, (1) per dog, daily … NOT sold in stores
    MUST be added in order to balance the meal. To order NuVET Plus see here http://www.nuvet.com/81098 ( green bottle)
    ( order Discount code 81098 or call 1-800-474-7044 Tell them Pet Nurse Marie sent you

    ( never home cook without out some way to balance your recipes.. vitamins and often bone meal are needed;

    1. Fry salmon, vegetables and chopped garlic clove in olive oil until salmon is tender.
    Will keep in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

    – GARLIC is totally safe in small amounts and cooked.. buy fresh garlic. it’s actually a natural antibiotic

    FEEDING a 50 to 60-pound dog this amount: ( PLEASE adjust to your dog’s Weight )

    FEED him / her 2 1/2 cups in the am and only 1 1 /2 to 2 cups in the PM of the salmon meal —
    PLEASE NOTE : this is a higher protein diet so do not give this to pets with PANCREAS issues

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    Marie P

    This was set up for a 11 month old Boston Terrier at 16 pounds )
    YOU will need to ADJUST the feeding amount for your Dog’s Weight

    VERY Easy
    WE have had Good luck with this Recipe:
    This recipe uses egg as a binder; bake it like a meat loaf, with bread crumbs. As presented here, with these ingredients, it is about 30 percent protein, 25 percent fat, and 38 percent carbohydrates.
    If you need Wheat FREE bread crumbs – here is a link: to Gillian’s Foods

    FEED Daily: for the Boston Terrier:

    2 ( 1 inch size slices of the meat loaf ) 2 x per day ( for you size dog ) ( 15-18 pound dog )

    ( at night you may want to do 1 1/2 slices ) – JUST see if he is hungry

    ( FEED 1/4 cup of a quality Dry ( LOW grain or NO grain Kibble per day ) – as a snack

    WE like the Fromm’s Brand of Dog food – also Blue Buffalo is good:


    CHOOSE 1 meat:

    2 lbs fairly lean *****( YOU will do Ground Chicken or Ground Turkey ) ( skip the beef )/ for this month-

    3 cups of bread crumbs – plain – See Wheat free link above if you need it –

    1/8 of a cup 2 % low-fat milk

    3 large eggs

    2 teaspoons of CRUSHED eggShell — – Smash it ( it’s for Calcium)

    1/2 cup cooked vegetables ( green beans/peas/ others) ( grated and mush) *** ( TRY GREEN BEANS but cut them up orSmash them )

    ( do not put the NuVET into the Recipe ) –

    (YOU can not balance this Recipe without a Quality Supplement)

    *** 1 NuVET wafer vitamin ** each day – see below: ( PER DAY PER DOG ) ( NuVET is a must to balance out home cooking )

    1 teaspoon vegetable oil

    1/8 teaspoon LOW SALT tamari soy sauce

    order your NuVET here- I do get a small % and give BACK to Pet Rescue

    go here: http://www.nuvet.com/81098 ( you are looking for the NuVET Plus Wafer ) – if you go on auto ship you save 15% on every bottle
    use my Name if they ask you – Pet Nurse Marie

    * press the mixture into a casserole dish so it’s 1 to 2 inches thick and bake at 350°F for 30 to 35minutes, or until set and lightly browned.

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    Karen K

    Thank you so much!

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