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    Mary S

    Food allergies ~ though all of this information on each dog food product is outstanding, I need a way of quickly scanning the ingredients of each dog food so it can be eliminated from my search. I have a dog that is allergic to specific ingredients, e.g., potatoes, green beans. Second, she needs a low protein value due to compromised kidneys. A low protein value eases the kidney function and reduced the bladder leakage found in older dogs.

    So a graph/chart of the dog foods with protein percentage and ingredients would speed up, make my search more efficient.


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    While, I am positive that no one on this website is going to make a graph or chart for you, there was a poster that did come up with a tool that may be helpful to you. It is:

    You can check boxes of the ingredients that you wish to avoid. But, make sure that you double check the bag before you purchase as this tool is an on going work in progress.

    You could also check out online dog food sites such as and They have searching and filtering features that might be helpful.

    Good luck!

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    One of my girls has all fowl and tapioca allergies so I am creating charts with protein and ingredients for the potential foods she can eat. From the information I have gathered so far, I can point you in the direction of a few brands that have varieties that meet the lower protein and no potato criteria — California Natural, Tuscan Natural, Spring Natural, and Natural Balance LID. If there is not an oat allergy, you might look at Pinnacle Trout & Sweet Potatoes or Wellness Simple Lamb & Oats. These foods are lower protein than you are currently feeding (I saw in another post that you are feeding Purina Beyond and it has a dry matter content of 31% protein).

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    Mary S

    I had forgotten about the Oat, Corn, Soy, Wheat allergies. Yes, she cannot eat any of that either. Those ingredients have become part of the automatic check that I had forgotten to list them.

    Thanks for putting together this list for me to check out. I appreciate it.

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