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    We just got the bad news of severe kidney issues in our GSD mix. The vet has put him on Science Diet Low Protein to see if this makes any difference. If it does, then he will have to stay on a low protein diet but I know SD isn’t a food I want to feed long term. Any suggestions? My boy is allergic to chicken and grain makes his gas so bad it clears a room so I need grain and poultry free suggestions. I don’t expect anyone to scan ingredients to check for both, I just really need brand names to research myself. I currently feed rotational, he’s on Frommes Beef Frittata and Castor/Pollux Seafood at the moment.

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    Susan T

    You might look at Whole Earth Farms grain-free and poultry free recipe. I think the Protein level is more average than low, but perhaps it will be an option. My Cocker can’t handle chicken and grains make her really gassy, too, so this is one of the foods I have on her rotation diet.

    You could also consider mixing it with the SD low protein.

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    Thanks, Susan. I will definitely give it a try once the dr gives us the update at his appointment on the 27th.

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    Nutrisource grain free Seafood Select, Pro Pac Ultimates Grain Free recipes, Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Lamb might be worth checking out.

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    Hi Karma,

    I sorry for what you and your dog are going through. In regards to severe kidney impairment, there are not any “Over the Counter” non vet food for this purpose. The phosphorus levels are too high. Have you considered home cooking? Balanceit dot com is a good place to start and they have a kibble that may meet your needs Grain Free Pork and Potato.

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    A reduced amount of high-quality protein and high moisture content are essential, but phosphorus intake must be restricted. Fluid therapy is a must during this time. If you’re unable to make your own food or switch to soft canned food (obviously moisture rich), then the following might be of interest to you:

    (If you want to subtract potatoes & eggs): ZIGNATURE Trout & Salmon Meal Limited Ingredient Formula Dry Dog Food

    WELLNESS Simple Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Salmon & Potato Formula Dry Dog Food

    Of course, they do soft canned food as well. Perhaps the vet can also check to see if your pup has an intense bacterial infection or urinary obstruction, just in case.

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    Thank you, Aimee and Zolicylus and Pugmom. We’re going through a major life transition right now so unfortunately even thinking about home cooking isn’t feasible. I just know Royal Canin and Science Diet are foods I don’t want him on long term. He has his next appointment at the end of the month and hopefully it’s better news.

    We’ve had the Wellness LID Salmon in our rotation previously so it’s good to know there’s a food I already know he likes as an option.

    Unfortunately, NutriSource GF Seafood has chicken fat in it so that’s out.

    Of course, I get the dog with issues but life wouldn’t be as fun without a challenge right?

    Again, thank you all. I truly appreciate the pointers on where to start and having options.

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    We had the check up and the boy is almost back to normal. One of his levels, I think the dr said creatinine, was still just a little high. Dr said if not for that, that my boy could go back to his usual diet. We are going to try another round (a month and a half or so) of lower protein food though I told him I know I don’t want to keep my boy on the prescribed stuff. He told me what we already know, that OTC (purina etc) aren’t good because they are full of waste. I told him I know and that I come to this site for advice/ratings. I also asked about canned food. Though expensive, my boy is worth it. He told me he didn’t think the extra cost was worth it because my boy doesn’t have an issue with hydration/moisture.

    We tried both the SD and RC brands of the prescription stuff. Just in the 2.5 weeks or so that my boy was on the RC he gained 7lbs!! I am guessing it’s because for a dog his weight (actually a dog that weighs less than he but his ideal weight), the feeding guideline says 4 3/4 cups a day. Crazy. So now I am getting the Wellness LID Salmon and researching the other options.

    Thank you all again for all your replies and suggestions.

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    Such promising news! You’re completely on top of it. Less meds, more good food, I say. My pups lost weight during the LID phase so just watch the weight/energy level. 😃

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    I just wanted to again say thank you. Thankfully my boy is in the clear finally and can go back to his high end/good quality/regular diet.

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