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    I want to find a food for at least three of my four dogs. If I can find a good food for all that would be great. I have two large breed and two medium breed. One large breed is a senior and one medium is also a senior. I want a brand that offers many different types of protein sources. My one large breed adult gets bored with the flavor of protein. I’m looking for both dry and wet.

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    If you use a food that has many different protein sources then he will get bored of several different proteins all at once. Have you considered starting a rotational diet?

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    I love Victor food. I get mine when I use it from Please go there and check it out. They do only dry, though. For cans I love Wellness Stews, but others that are good and reasonably priced are Pure Balance (Walmart’s brand), 4Health Stews (Tractor Supply’s brand). I am trying lately to use cans without carrageenan, which is a controversial ingredient these days. I also love Dr. Tim’s and Annamaet’s dry….neither make a canned food. I also love Wellness dry, of course. Other cans I like (price not taken into consideration) are Weruva, Simply Nourish, Mulligan Stew, Instinct and Prairie.

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    I ment a dog food company that offers different proteins. Not one bag of food with many different proteins.

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    Natures Logic comes to mind.

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    Wellness has a line called Simple. Those are pretty good.

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    Mary M

    Look at Acana.

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